Rainy Day

The Life and Times of a Weimaraner

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We Are Not Out of the Woods

Last night Rainy rolled over and I saw a knot on the base of her jaw line the size of a golf ball and she began to have that tired and worn out look about her so off to the vet we went. I just knew it would mean more surgery but instead the vet injected several antibiotics plus a cocktail that would boost her immune system then he massaged the knot reducing it somewhat in size. He sent us home with 7 syringes full of antibiotics and more of the anti inflammatory drug. This means we have to give her this injectable antibiotic at home that burn like hell. The last two days of her regimand of painful antibiotics I will have to administer alone which should be interesting considering it takes two to do it. One to hold her and one to give her the injection.


Rainy swimming on Pebbly Beach

Today she has lounged on the couch listening to classical music and resting her weary body as it goes to war against this stubborn infection. She watched us with one eye open moving furniture and heavy boxes of books as we prepared for Ron to take the second load to Utah next Monday.


Ron and Rainy playing “strongest dog in the world” on Hogsback Catalina Island

So us girls will spend Thanksgiving alone as Ron battles the elements to drive another huge truck back to Utah full of our belongings.


My mother, Ann, Me and Rainy

I hope these meds finally take care of this infection because the thought of losing her is unthinkable. Wish us luck and I will continue to update you on her progress as I begin to think of topics to write that clues you in on the miracle of our day That is Rainy Day.


We DO NOT like fireworks