Rainy Day

The Life and Times of a Weimaraner

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23 Staples

This will be my last post for awhile until I get my computer and internet hooked up on the island. Yesterday Ron and I drove to Grand Junction to pick up the Penske truck. We also picked up some furniture, bedding and other essentials that we needed. As we were there our real estate agent called and said they she would be bringing by some people to look at the house so I rushed home in the pickup to straighten up a house that is in chaos. Needless to say I was worn out by the time the potential buyers left. Ron decided to take Rainy to the store with him to pick up a few things and when he got home Rainy saw a cat in our yard and took off to chase it up a tree….one of her favorite past times. A few minutes later she came home and the skin had been ripped off her muscles on her left front leg.

We threw her in the pick up and rushed her to vet which was closed because it was well after hours. Fortunately I know Dr. Sorensen well and his practice is attached to his house so I pounded on the door.
He and his daughter that is home on a break from Vet School immediately got to work and when it was all said and done she received 23 staples to close three huge lacerations on her leg.
She was drunk and sore but was so happy to be home.
To say I am overwhelmed would be a huge understatement. I still have so much to do and now I have to keep an ever watchful eye on my baby as I work to keep her quiet and to keep her from trying to rip out the staples.

I spent the night with her sleeping on the floor to be there with her through the long night.
I hope the next post I share is one of great news and fun photos. In the meantime Eileen is coming over to help me watch my mother, watch Rainy and to help me pack  and finally another set of muscles to load up the truck.

As soon as I am online once again I will update you on the grand adventure of my little family.
Prayers are needed and welcomed.

Love Lisa


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Vieudelou Kitchen

I have mentioned in past blogs that the contractors have taken much longer remodeling our house in Catalina than we ever thought possible. It has been a non stop fight trying to get them to finish as they gave us one excuse after another as to why it’s not done. We have finally had to tell them we will be there on the 28th and if they were not done they would have to work around us as we have people moving into our Moab home the end of June. We have begged for pictures and I have shared with you in my blog the progress that has been made. Last night we got pictures of the kitchen which is done. The only thing left to do is to install the appliances and hook up the gas and plumbing and install the lights. Meanwhile they must finish the bathrooms in order for us to move in….I figure the rest they can work around us.

So here is what our kitchen looks like minus the appliances and lights.

made especially for mom and her wheelchair
all cabinets are hickory

Nice work station for projects and a place for mom to eat

where the fridge will go

where the gas stove will go and our eating nook

I hand picked the wood, the granite and the handles

Notice the custom wine rack beneath the beam

where you see the man’s head is the window that looks out onto moms deck and the back yard

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A Goodbye Party

My Dads circle garden
His headstone showing him watering the circle garden

We are just days away from moving and the realization is setting in for me at least that there are so many good people we will be leaving behind. My mother especially has lived in Blanding for many years and had built a life there with my father….a place that knew him as Tommy, a place he grew up in, with the same people he became adults with and a place that accepted my mother with loving kindness.

A gathering of friends

My daughter Jessie will be staying and caring for my mothers house until it sells….and everyone, including myself and my mother, are hoping it is she that buys the house.
Jessie decided to have a party for my mother in her home that she shared with my father and invited all her friends so that they may say goodbye to my mother before we leave on Wednesday.

My beautiful daughter Jessie

Jessie and David

Jessie and Gary

Jessie and Ron

I want to say our leaving isn’t goodbye but more of an Aloha. In the Hawaiian language there are no words for hello and goodbye. Instead they have the word Aloha that is hard to translate. What it essentially means is much like what the ocean does as it rolls in and out of the beach. You see the surf come in and then it rolls out but it always comes back. So no…our leaving is not goodbye but Aloha as we leave but will be back and then we leave again and then people come see us. We are but a mere 12 hours away by car. Not too bad.

Me, Richard and Noreen

Noreen and Effie

Georgia and Anna

Joanne, Kathy and Billie and of course Rainy Day

Louann and Alaska

George and Donna Holding a Cross stitch I worked on for them while caring for my father. They came by every single day last summer in my fathers final days

Lots of friends

Dale and Cherie with my mother


Jessie, Alaska and Annie

So my beautiful daughter set up this wonderful gathering of friends and what a beautiful day it was for my mother as well as for me. There was so much love and well wishes for my mother and as I watched her as friend after friend came to wish her well I thought how blessed she has been to know such great people and to be so loved. I also realized that my mother is very lovable so I am sure her friends were thinking how blessed they were to have her in their lives.

There is a book by Mitch Albom titled “The Five People You Meet in Heaven” and I smiled because my mothers list would be much longer than that. I envisioned her in Heaven one day with a line that went back three city blocks of people she has known and loved and the lives she has touched.

Getting ready to go to the party

Georgia and Anna

Betty and Harold and Betty’s daughter

Shirley, Effie and Effie’s daughter

Sisters…..Kathy and Billie


Nancy and Dale



On her end she was speechless at all the well wishers that came and even more all the love and care Jessica (my daughter) took to bring this together for her. Here she is working almost every single day and yet found the time to make my parents dream home beautiful and to have so many wonderful treats to munch on. As much as my Dad hated crowds and parties as he got older I could feel him there and could feel his happiness at all the love my mother was receiving.

The love of my life

What an angel

For those of you that attended the party and are reading this blog…..THANK YOU!!! Thank you so much for coming. It meant so much to my mother and to me. Thank you for leaving your addresses so we can stay in touch and just know….with no reservations whatsoever….all of you are welcome to stay and visit us in Catalina ANYTIME. We mean this and would be disappointed if you didn’t come to say hello. The friendships my mother has forged with you are lifetime friendships and part of the legacy my father left for both her and I. You can never know what your coming yesterday meant to my mother. She is not one prone to tears and yet she shed many yesterday in shock at all the warmth and love she received.


Rainy Day

God Bless You All


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Vieudelou Ave.

I do not have to many pictures of the home we bought and have been renovating these last few months but what I have I will share and as soon as I get out there (NEXT WEEK!!!!) I will take a bunch of shots and post them on my blog.

The backyard at the time we bought it….yes the astro turf is the first to go when I arrive

The back veranda before remodeling….now there is a ramp for my mother

My mothers room before remodeling….where the window seat is there is now a door leading out to her private deck

Kitchen before remodeling….way different now

We share the gate with our neighbors….we live in the old Catholic Rectory and they live in the old Catholic Church
Our back yard….the biggest on the island

We are the tan house to the right of the red one….the house to the right of us is my moms old high school buddy

More of the backyard….our house backs up to a Wrigley home

More shots of the lovely astro turf

Living room looking from the kitchen….the front door leads out to our private deck that is in the front of the house

Terra cotta in the kitchen….we are having it placed through out the house

Kitchen and dining room

More of the kitchen

My mothers room

Kitchen looking over to the door to the study

we kept the original design in the windows

More back yard and a glimpse of my mothers deck….lots of clean up to do

The owl tile being put in my mothers bathroom that has been custom built for her

The tile that will go in our bathroom
Garibaldi mural that will also go in our bathroom

Now you have to understand the island is 22 miles long and 8 miles wide but the town of Avalon is only approx. one square mile leaving the rest of the island for nature conservancy as Wrigley had wanted it. There are approx. 3500 people plus the shops, restaurants and 18 hotels and the homes within this one square mile so things are packed in there….the town was planed after it was a tent city. So the houses were built where the tents once stood…..needless to say many people build up…which is what I would like to do eventually but in the meantime I don’t plan on spending much time indoors….why when I have 22 miles of island to roam


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There have been so many people who have asked me to share pictures of Catalina and the house we are about to move into.

Unfortunately I do not have to many of Catalina right now. They were backed up on cds that are now waiting for us in a container on Catalina. What I do have will give everyone an idea of what island life is like and how blessed I am to call it home. Mind you most of the pictures were taken in November and December. Notice how NOT cold it is!!!

Behind the casino….notice the faint image of the mainland off in the distance

Backside of the island….where Natalie Woods died

Classic Catalina sunset

Portofinos….the BEST Italian restaurant

My favorite restaurant on the island….been eating there since I was a little girl

The Yacht Club
The view from the hotel my grandparents owned and where my mother grew up

Portofinos again

A sunrise from our honeymoon suite in my mothers old hotel

What makes Catalina so familiar to everyone….the grand Casino

The point just after Lovers Cove…where we scattered my grandmothers ashes

The front view of my mothers childhood home….once The Camp Bravo and now called The Vista del Mar

My mother and I at Lovers Cove
Tiled artwork at the Casino entrance

Wrigley Memorial where Ron and I chose to get married

Transportation to and from the island….The Catalina Express

Catalina Dive Park off of the Casino

A Garibaldi fish famous and abundant on Catalina….notice the clear water

Eileen and I at Lovers Cove looking for sea shells

Bird Rock at the Point

Front Entrance of the Casino
The top of the Wrigley Memorial on a misty day

Something ultra fun to do while visiting

A cute shop with a fun name….clever

Just a  reminder to view the pictures larger just click on the picture and it will enlarge also providing you with a strip of all the pictures at the bottom of the page.

Come and visit


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The Countdown Begins

For six months my mother, Ron and I have waited and waited to move into our new house on Catalina Island. It has been long and a test of everyone’s patience. The contractors have taken a wee bit longer then we had anticipated so we have just waited. Its been a year of patience and waiting and I think its something I really needed to learn. I still have a long way to go but I am making an effort to try and take one day at a time and to try and be present in each moment but I won’t lie…..there are days when I am sporting some horns that everyone hides from.

I have always been a person on the move and I like it when I am moving forward. Retrograde motion and I do not get along however that too has been a course I have had to take upon occasion.

This time has given me an opportunity however to explore my creative side which I haven’t been able to do in quite sometime. Not only have I completed 5 Cross-stitches but I have worked on my photography and knitted a shawl and of course I have read and journaled quite a bit as I tried to manage my restlessness.

Well by hook or by crook we have to move on June 27th because we have people moving in our house so if the contractors are not done they will just have to work around us. I am ecstatic. At least I can enjoy the year round weather of 70’s, I can started going through my stuff…..stuff I am not sure I still have for I have lived out of boxes for a few years now. I am determined….if I cannot fit it in my home comfortably OUT it goes. Mind you that alone will be a daunting task because we are fitting three peoples homes into ONE 900 sq. ft. home. Lots of sacrificing will have to be made. Usually when I approach this type of task I go through things three times before I actually really make progress…..why in the world do we love our STUFF so much???? Its just stuff.

But in between all this sorting and sacrificing I can walk along the beach or into the interior. I can take paths that my grandmother and I use to do everyday. I can see me breathing in the sea air and finally letting go of so much stress, anxiety and tension as I can finally say goodbye to my past and look towards my future. What I must remind myself to do everyday…..no…every minute of everyday….is to breathe deep, stay in the moment, mindfulness and then and only then may I achieve some sort of peace.

The second week of July my new horse, Rose, will be arriving on the island and I am sooooo excited. She is beautiful and I look forward to our friendship. She will be a big part of my life. Since I was a little girl and was taught to ride Welsh Ponies on Catalina I have wanted to own and ride a horse that was mine and do that on Catalina. There were times in my life I gave on hopelessly on both of those dreams and here I am. How lucky am I??? So humbleness and thankfulness must be two more things I remind myself of everyday. This could never have happened without my mother and my husband. I am so blessed to have such wonderful people in my life.

Speaking of wonderful people I WILL miss very much my daughter and my friend Eileen and a slew of other people that have been apart of my life since I moved to Moab. In fact I shall miss Moab very much. In spite of the frigid winters and the scorching summers (its been well over 100 degrees for days now) Moab is a wonderful place to live. The hiking is abundant, the quirky people are abundant and it has been a great place to live as I healed from my former life.

So a new adventure begins which will be recorded in this blog….a journal of my life lessons of sorts. Thanks for sharing with me and God Bless.