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Michelle’s Weekly Pet Challenge Round up for week – Round up and start of new week 5.

This week I thought I would just feature my muse Rainy who is the most photographed dog I know!!

The first series is on our most recent hike through the Uintas to capture the fall colors:




DSC_0336On that same day we came upon an awesome mountain stream that we knew she would love. We also wanted to take pictures but it seems whenever we have a great shot of something she has to put her self between it and the camera so Ron threw a stick just to get her to move but it was swept out of her reach before she could get it:

You can see the littel stick floating away in the upper right corner...she really wanted it but it was very cold.

You can see the little stick floating away in the upper right corner…she really wanted it but it was very cold.

So she worked her way around never losing sight of the darn thing

So she worked her way around never losing sight of the darn thing

Until it was finally within her reach

Until it was finally within her reach

She walked around sporting her stick for a full 15 minutes...she was so proud

She walked around sporting her stick for a full 15 minutes…she was so proud

She loves the water….in the snow or in water that is really gross…it makes no difference to her…but give her a bath and you might as well be killing her…



And her daily hikes are very important too. Sometimes she can show her stubborn side and pretend to not hear me when it is time to go…


When I got in the car she started paying attention but still would not budge…


However starting the engine lit a fire on her butt and she flew to the car….poor girl has abandonment issues in from her former life

DSC_0181Have a great week everyone!!



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Michelle’s Weekly Pet Challenge Week 1

Michelle’s Weekly Pet Challenge 1.

When I saw this I got excited because I am ALL about my pets…( I was wondering if that includes husbands? No probably not) So without further ado for my debut week I will feature my favorites.

My Sweet, Sweet Alexandra   September 11, 2003 to October 6, 2009

My Sweet, Sweet Alexandra
September 11, 2003 to October 6, 2009

Elliots Paper Son April 1, 2003 to August 2009

Elliots Paper Son April 1, 2003 to August 2009

Needless to say my heart was broken in 2009 when I lost these two and I haven’t really been able to put it quite back together ever since.

Dear Prudence and her daughter Penny Lane

Dear Prudence and her daughter Penny Lane

Abby Rhoads RIP 2003 At the ripe age of 14....can you tell I am a Beatles fan?

Abby Rhoads RIP 2003 At the ripe age of 14….can you tell I am a Beatles fan?

Black Sabbath RIP 2004....at the ripe age of 14

Black Sabbath RIP 2004….at the ripe age of 14

Rainy Day

Rainy Day

Rosie Day

Rosie Day

I will have to search my archives for my other ones…I have loved animals my whole life and even though I hate to lose them and they take a piece of me with them when they go it is well worth it.

Thanks for the challenge…this will be a lot of fun!!










This has been a difficult Sunday so far for my sweet Weimaraner. For one the day is still very young. It is only 8:40 in the morning which is just a ridiculous hour for a Weimy that is not a morning person. My husband and I have been running into one  bump in the road or another as we get settled into our new life and we are both worriers which means little sleep for either of us. However, Rainy has no trouble sleeping whatsoever. She has a clear conscience and she has no worries so she is the true Sleeping Beauty.

Waiting for her pancake but its just too early for thisPhoto by Lisa L. Day

Waiting for her pancake but its just too early for this
Photo by Lisa L. Day

After my husband did his exercises (while Rainy watched with one eye opened from the bed) he took a shower and made breakfast. Breakfast would be the ONLY reason to get up at such an ungodly hour. She had made a good decision because Ron made pancakes and they are always delicious and he always makes a little one for Rainy to be set aside with no trimmings on it such as butter or syrup. That is a bit of a rip off the way Rainy sees it so when a spider came along (after hitching a ride on me) it hopped on my plate and was just loving the syrup. Rainy did not appreciate this AT ALL!!! This went on, back and forth, back and forth…..spider having some syrupy fun and Rainy turning green with envy.

Spider in Syrup Photo by Lisa L. Day

Spider in Syrup Photo by Lisa L. Day

Astonished Rainy as she glares at the spider Photo by Lisa L. Day

Astonished Rainy as she glares at the spider Photo by Lisa L. Day

Happy spider Photo by Lisa L. Day

Happy spider Photo by Lisa L. Day

This is so wrong on so many different levels Photo by Lisa L. Day

This is so wrong on so many different levels Photo by Lisa L. Day

Shimmer shine spider

Shimmer shine spider

"I always knew mom would throw me under the bus if she got a chance" Photo by Lisa L. Day

“I always knew mom would throw me under the bus if she got a chance” Photo by Lisa L. Day

Now the spider is just throwing it in her face Photo by Lisa L. Day

Now the spider is just throwing it in her face Photo by Lisa L. Day

Finally her Dad took pity on her and he opened the holy grail in this house…..the pantry. He pulled out their favorite snack…..ginger snaps and once again all was right with the world. Now we just have to wait for the temperature to get to a reasonable level being as it is only -11 degrees right now.

Well at least I can count on Dad and his wonderful ginger snapsPhoto by Lisa L. Day

Well at least I can count on Dad and his wonderful ginger snaps
Photo by Lisa L. Day


An Update

This has not been an easy time. Rainy has been very sick and I have gotten no more than a few hours sleep a night since Wednesday. Thursday and Friday was spent trying to manage her pain while trying to manage her nausea. She was vomiting every few hours. I could not get any antibiotics in her, no water nor food and no pain meds. I had a liquid form of pain meds but they just seem to make her more ill. Her doctor went away for Thanksgiving and I knew he was coming back on Saturday. I had his cell phone but I refrained from using it until Saturday morning.  I finally called yesterday and he had his assistant give Rainy an injection for nausea. By evening time Rainy could no longer even lift her head and her breathing was very rapid.  All I could do was pray.

Rainy and her friend Prissy

So I practiced Reiki on her and prayed and then my phone rang and it was Dr. Denny. He wanted to see Rainy and would meet me in his office. It was about 8 o’clock at night. We rushed her in and after giving her a thorough once over decided she was severely dehydrated and needed fluids. As he examined her he determined she had pancreatitis.  I found two great sites on pancreatitis

1)  http://pets.webmd.com

2) http://vetmedicine.about.com

The vet wasn’t surprised at this at all. He said she has been fighting a severe infection for a month, plus the surgery and anesthesia, then all the antibiotics and pain meds have more or less brought her system to a toxic level which stressed her pancreas out. In short the symptoms include vomiting, painful stomach (you will often see your dog sitting with their stomach tucked in and their head hanging low as if praying), dehydration, shock, diarrhea, loss of appetite etc..

Rainy had all of the above except diarrhea….she hadn’t eaten enough for that to hit her. So the vet got her going on an IV. She just laid her head on my shoulder and looked away while he preformed the task. She never once complained. While he was getting these fluids in her he gave her a couple of doses of antibiotics and glucose. He left the catheter in her leg because he wants to do the same today. She was a a different dog when she walked out (we had to all but carry her in and she is no lightweight). We got her home expecting she would really have to pee…she didn’t have to do that until 1:30 in the morning….that is a profound indicator as to how dehydrated she was. She ate a whole small can of special food and slept.

I am so grateful to men like Dr. Denny for taking time from his holiday and his evening to take care of my girl (as well as an overweight pug that ruptured a disc). I will continue to update you on Rainy’s progress. For now she is improving and resting.

Reiki written in Shinjitai Japanese.

Reiki written in Shinjitai Japanese. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Reiki for Animals




A photo challenge that is relevant to this blog: An update if you will

Beauty through Photographs

I titled this picture Thankful  for several reasons. The look of relief on my sweet girls face as she just absorbs my mothers love is so beautiful and I am so thankful for that as she is thankful to be home. I also am so Thankful that there is a Veterinarian that so confidently addressed the problem in my Rainy’s jaw and had the amazing skills as a surgeon to see the problem removed. I am especially THANKFUL that after a long couple of nights and a terribly distressing day yesterday we are starting to see that spark come back into her eyes. If we can only get her to eat so I can get her medication into her….I would be really thankful for that….but for now I am content as I look over and see her sleeping comfortably for the first time in days on my bed…

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We Are Not Out of the Woods

Last night Rainy rolled over and I saw a knot on the base of her jaw line the size of a golf ball and she began to have that tired and worn out look about her so off to the vet we went. I just knew it would mean more surgery but instead the vet injected several antibiotics plus a cocktail that would boost her immune system then he massaged the knot reducing it somewhat in size. He sent us home with 7 syringes full of antibiotics and more of the anti inflammatory drug. This means we have to give her this injectable antibiotic at home that burn like hell. The last two days of her regimand of painful antibiotics I will have to administer alone which should be interesting considering it takes two to do it. One to hold her and one to give her the injection.


Rainy swimming on Pebbly Beach

Today she has lounged on the couch listening to classical music and resting her weary body as it goes to war against this stubborn infection. She watched us with one eye open moving furniture and heavy boxes of books as we prepared for Ron to take the second load to Utah next Monday.


Ron and Rainy playing “strongest dog in the world” on Hogsback Catalina Island

So us girls will spend Thanksgiving alone as Ron battles the elements to drive another huge truck back to Utah full of our belongings.


My mother, Ann, Me and Rainy

I hope these meds finally take care of this infection because the thought of losing her is unthinkable. Wish us luck and I will continue to update you on her progress as I begin to think of topics to write that clues you in on the miracle of our day That is Rainy Day.


We DO NOT like fireworks

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Slightly Accidental….

I have told you how I came to know Rainy. She had a rough time at the beginning of our relationship to say the least. Needless to say whenever we pull into the parking lot of the vet she plants her feet in the parking lot and I have to coax and beg her to come inside the building and its a fight from the beginning until we leave with a great sigh of relief. She has not forgotten her time there and has no desire to repeat the experience.

Rainy has a great lust for life and  just bounces along never thinking what disaster may befall her next where as I am wary of every shadow lurking around every corner. Just a few days before our great exodus from Utah to California one such disaster  came our way. My husband Ron had to go to the store and of course Rainy just had to go. When they came back it had just turned dark but not dark enough for her to miss the mischief Sissy (our neighbors cat) had in mind on our property. As Ron opened the truck door Rainy bounded out the door to give chase to Sissy. He came in the house to put away the few items he had gotten in the store when Rainy came back dazed and confused. He looked down and noticed the skin that had at one time covered her right front leg was peeled back and folded upon itself. I freaked out and immediately lifted the skin up and over the exposed muscle and wrapped it up then we threw her in the car and raced off to the vet. Luckily for us he has his practice in an attached building to his house. He met us in his office after I pounded on his front door and got to work mending Rainy. He gave her a shot of sedative then once he felt that had taken effect he cleaned the exposed flesh then pulled the skin up where it should be and proceeded to use 23 staples to put her back together. This solidified the evilness that was the vet in her mind. I took the antibiotics and the receipt while Ron lifted Rainy into the truck. She was so relieved to have survived another trip to the vet and could not get home fast enough.  We moved our family to the island and after a few days when the swelling seemed such a problem Rainy and I introduced ourselves to the island vet, Dr. Denny, who is probably one of the best vets I have ever known and I have known quite a few. He recommended that we keep the staples in as long as we could and also suggested I pack her wounds with a poultice made of sugar. Yes….you read right. He said nothing works better. Take regular granulated sugar, wet it until it was a goopy mess in your palm then pack the wounds with it and wrap it up. The sugar had two great ways of helping. 1) it pierced the call wall of bacteria drawing all the fluids out of its single celled body which killed it and 2) it forced Rainy’s blood to the site of the wound where by it accelerated the healing process. I was amazed at how well it worked and in a few days her staples were safe to remove. There were hardly any scars left and life went on as if this horrible incident never happened.  Now you can take away two things from my story:

1) Beware of barb wire

2) Pack any wound with sugar to kill bacteria and speed healing

We have just come back from a trip to our home in Moab Utah and Santa Barbara. We left my mother in the care of her nurse, Jojo and we took our Rainy Day with us. The first few days we stayed in Moab while Ron did some things to our house to winterize it we then drove to Salt Lake City to visit his children. The morning we planned on taking off to Santa Barbara to visit my uncle Eric the starter in our van had to be replaced. That morning I took Rainy out to the field next to our hotel and played “stick” which is just about one of our most favorite games. We had been playing for a while without incident when all of a sudden disaster hit us hard. I threw the stick, Rainy went after it and when it landed she went down to pick it up when she reared back screaming her head off and then took off for the hotel. I got her in the hotel room and I could see her mouth was bleeding. Ron held her while I took a peek and I could see two long gashes at the back of her throat. The only thing I could deduce from this was that she had stepped on the stick right as she bent down to get it with her mouth when it shifted and it went right down her throat. We loaded her up with baby aspirin and comforted her as best we could. The next day we took off for Santa Barbara and as the day progressed her face began to swell and she drooled uncontrollably from the left side of her mouth. She was having a hard time swallowing and was in pain. We got into Santa Barbara in time for dinner at my uncles where we brought in Rainy to meet everyone. Needless to say everyone was very worried about her and my uncle gave me the number to his vet. I called first thing the next morning and went right in. After taking xrays they noticed her tongue was severely bruised and there were lacerations under her tongue as well as the lacerations down her throat. They were concerned she had a ruptured salivary gland which took the talents of a skilled surgeon to fix and referred us to several that worked in the Santa Barbara area. So we postponed our trip back home and carted Rainy off to a skilled surgeon. The next day Rainy went under anesthesia while they used an endoscope to a make a more thorough inspection and after it was all said and done they determined her salivary gland  was intact however she did have quite a bit of damage to her throat and needed antibiotics and pain relievers. We finally got Rainy home to the island and all seemed well until a few days had gone by where the swelling seemed to kick in  again and wearing her heart on her sleeve as she is wont to do we realized she was in pain again and was not feeling well at all so off to the vet we went again. Dr. Denny palpitated her throat and was very concerned. He recommended once again she be sedated while he took his own endoscope and took a peek. He also took more xrays. He determined she had a fracture in one of the bones that surrounded her larynx and he also came upon a huge pocket of infection that he cleaned out and put a stitch in. So once again we took her home with even more antibiotics and even more pain relievers that included an anti-inflammatory. He was concerned about the infection (a cellulitis) and cautioned us to finish both of the antibiotics and to keep putting hot packs on that pocket of infection while massaging it. He said this would help draw blood up to the infected area and in doing so would speed healing. On top of all the hot packs 2-3x daily I also added my own personal touch of Reiki which not only soothed her tremendously but also aided in healing. I am pleased to announce that Rainy is doing very well and is making a speedy recovery. We will get the final word from her vet this week but she is back  to all her old tricks.

This just shows you how there is literally danger lurking in every corner and one can never protect their dog against everything. I could never have guessed a simple game of stick could lead to so much worry and so much money. That last game of stick has cost us a couple of thousand but I would pay that ten times over if it meant Rainy would be here for many years to come. Its ironic that even though Ron and I have learned a great deal about the various things that Rainy has “accidentally” discovered she has learned absolutely nothing except to reaffirm that vets are bad. Everyday she solicits us for a game of stick and he and I both hesitate. Of course the ritual of stick will continue but it will never be the relaxing game of fun it once for us. I will forever be suspicious of every benign stick I see and I will continue to pray with each stick thrown. I have no idea what to tell you about the dangers of stick except to say…..be ever ready for you just never know.