Rainy Day

The Life and Times of a Weimaraner


Spring has Sprung!!!

It has been a long cold winter and I fear I have remiss in reporting the very important activities of my sweet Rainy. Although I felt as if I was in hibernation I can tell Rainy did not. I enjoyed a wonderful hike with her the other day and thought I would get the spring started off with some very positive and happy pictures. Enjoy!!








I am so glad to be back and Happy Spring and Happy Earth Day!



Sunny Day


Michelle’s Weekly Pet Challenge Round up for week – Round up and start of new week 5.

This week I thought I would just feature my muse Rainy who is the most photographed dog I know!!

The first series is on our most recent hike through the Uintas to capture the fall colors:




DSC_0336On that same day we came upon an awesome mountain stream that we knew she would love. We also wanted to take pictures but it seems whenever we have a great shot of something she has to put her self between it and the camera so Ron threw a stick just to get her to move but it was swept out of her reach before she could get it:

You can see the littel stick floating away in the upper right corner...she really wanted it but it was very cold.

You can see the little stick floating away in the upper right corner…she really wanted it but it was very cold.

So she worked her way around never losing sight of the darn thing

So she worked her way around never losing sight of the darn thing

Until it was finally within her reach

Until it was finally within her reach

She walked around sporting her stick for a full 15 minutes...she was so proud

She walked around sporting her stick for a full 15 minutes…she was so proud

She loves the water….in the snow or in water that is really gross…it makes no difference to her…but give her a bath and you might as well be killing her…



And her daily hikes are very important too. Sometimes she can show her stubborn side and pretend to not hear me when it is time to go…


When I got in the car she started paying attention but still would not budge…


However starting the engine lit a fire on her butt and she flew to the car….poor girl has abandonment issues in from her former life

DSC_0181Have a great week everyone!!



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Ask and You Shall Receive

This week has been very hectic. It is so funny how life can change in just an instant. I have been trying to find my place in the world for a while now with a job and other things and was at a point that I wanted to give up. I am not a huge pray-er for myself. I will ask for others but I probably felt I just didn’t deserve much so why make things awkward and ask? But the other night I was so down I just sat outside with the stars and cried and asked God for help. The next day I woke up and looked through the paper (AGAIN) and revised my resume and went cold calling and by the end of the day I had two jobs working with animals which is what I love. I was told I had a very impressive resume. I never put too much focus on that because I didn’t want people to think I was tooting my own horn and I have never viewed what I have done in my life as anything remarkable. I have dabbled in many things and took advantage of opportunities because I think at times I was actually pretty lucky. I am wondering if my resume is the reason I got hired or something else. If it was resume than I have not utilized this near enough!! But I am thinking it is something so much bigger than me.

The other thing that has stayed on my mind is my Rosie. She really needs exercise and some lessons on Manners Can Be Fun. In order to get the use of my neighbors round pen would require me to ask for help. Again…I am not good at doing that. I don’t want my neighbor to see me coming and roll his eyes in frustration or feel I am using him or his resources but I am in desperation here, I have tried everything else and I would only use his round pen when he was at work and not using it himself BUT everyday I would chicken out about asking. Finally I prayed once again. 

A few of her new friends...they seemed to have recovered from her early morning visit

A few of her new friends…they seemed to have recovered from her early morning visit

Yesterday morning I woke up to a world of white. There was 6-8 inches on the ground. It was beautiful but it certainly indicated that winter was definitely here. So I bundled up and went out to feed Rosie. When I got out to her pen it was empty. SHE WAS GONE!!!!! My heart stopped and I held my breath as my brain tried to compute what the ramifications were. When my breathing and my heart started once again I could not help the tears that began rolling down my face. I knew my neighbor would be out to feed his horses about then so I took a chance and knocked on his door. His daughter answered and I asked “Have you seen my horse?” Her face broke out in a wide grin and she yelled “DAD!!…The lady is here for her horse!!” He walked around the corner of his hall with a wide grin on his face. Apparently at three in the morning Rosie decided she would rather watch the snow fall with some company so she opened her gate and went visiting the handsome boys next door. He heard a ruckus in the middle of the night and went out and saw all these tracks so he followed them around back and bumped into Rosie. He put her in the round pen and went to bed waiting for the inevitable hysterical knock on the door in the morning. He was so nice about it and helped me get her home. I took that opportunity to ask if I could use his round pen and he was more than willing to let me use it. So today we are going to start getting some exercise and we are going to learn how to be a horse and not a princess that just does what she wants to all day long.

Rosie safely back in her pen pouting as she looks over at her new horse friends.

Rosie safely back in her pen pouting as she looks over at her new horse friends.

It is just funny how just by asking in a simple prayer all of my obstacles were removed and I was able to resolve so many of my problems.

I have to keep reminding myself that it is okay to ask for help from a variety of sources and to recognize I don’t have to solve all the world’s problems or even my own all by myself.




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Michelle’s Weekly Pet Challenge: Week 4

Beauty through Photographs

Michelle’s Weekly Pet Challenge: roundup for week 3 and the start of week 4

Some shots of Rainy this morning on our daily hike. She was feeling beautiful I guess because she was so cooperative about posing….most of my shots of her are blurry as she streaks through my filed of vision.









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Michelle’s Weekly Pet Challenge – 3

There has been quite the scuttle butt on Facebook about Pitbulls. There was a bulletin that Halloween this year is the official “Kill a Pit bull” day. I find this absolutely one of the most distasteful notions around. Yes, pit bulls can be dangerous as any dog can be in the wrong hands. But my experience has been when raised in love they can be one of the most affectionate dogs around. Here are pictures of my daughters pit bull Roux who does not have a mean bone in her body.


Pit bulls have gotten a bad rap because I people like Michael Vick and other dog fighting rings that turn these dogs into brutal beasts that are filled with hate, abuse and neglect. Then we get ignorance such as this that only breeds more hate and abuse and neglect.

I present to you Roux, the sweetest little pit bull around and then you can go to You Tube and see one sweet story after another on the love Pit bulls possess…

Roux being harassed by chickens when all she is trying to do is take a little nap

Roux being harassed by chickens when all she is trying to do is take a little nap

Roux snuggling her best friend and my daughter calls the pair  Kitler and Rousellini

Roux snuggling her best friend and my daughter calls the pair
Kitler and Rousellini





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Michelle’s Weekly Pet Challenge Week 2

Michelle’s Weekly Pet Challenge Round up for week 1 & start of week 2.




Santa Barbara 1 078



Santa Barbara 1 079

Santa Barbara 1 086

Santa Barbara 1 174

Santa Barbara 1 178

Santa Barbara 1 197


Fronia is my uncle’s Russian speaking dog. His wife and daughter are from Russia and not too long after he got married to my aunt Lena he got talked into getting a dog. So we all got in the car and went to the Humane Society. Adel, his step daughter, had her eye on a little chihuahua that wanted to eat my face so I told her maybe we should keep looking when I spotted her. There was the cutest little black dog stuck off to herself in the corner looking completely bewildered. Apparently she had just come in. I asked to see her and she was so sweet. I told Adel we had found our girl. So after being spayed…she had just come into her very first cycle…and her shots she came home and has been loved and treasured ever since. The day I took these pictures we went for a walk and normally Fronia is very timid with other dogs but for some reason she was feeling confident that day so had a nice romp with her new friend, a very rambunctious Husky. On our way back to the car I ran into these long haired Dachshunds that we absolutely adorable and all to willing to pose for me.


The Joy of Rainy

If one searches the web you can see how Weimaraners are perhaps the most photographed dogs out there. I think this is because of several reasons:

1) William Wegman made the breed famous by his wonderfully creative photographs he has taken of his brood.

2) They are natural models patiently sitting or standing for the camera. You can dress them up or dress them down, photograph up close while they are sleeping or just candid shots of them doing whatever it is that they do.

3) They are beautiful!!

As I have said before, my Rainy is my muse. She is always on the go so for every great shot I get of her there are 20 that show just grey streaks of blur. Here is the latest collection I just took on our walk the other morning.






I think you all know Rainy is very loved. How could she not be…she is perfect. But recently it has come to my attention that just because you are a Weimaraner doesn’t mean your life is going to be easy. I just discovered a non profit organization called Tickled Pink Weimaraner Rescue. They are based out of Albuquerque, New Mexico and I am in awe of this organization. They take in Weimaraners that have lived in years of abuse and neglect and do what they can…everything they can…to get them back on their feet before finding a “forever home” for them.

I have been both moved to tears and driven to complete bewilderment and rage at what so many dogs have to endure from people. There are stories of Gilbert Grape who came in with a 12 pound tumor on his chest  and little Lollipop that was both diabetic and blind at 14 weeks. There was Louisiana Lola who was half dead from Meningitis….she didn’t make it but at least she knew what it was to be loved at the end of her life. I encourage to check out the page and see what these wonderful people are doing for the weak, sick and hopeless regardless of age.

But this organization is not the only one. Who has kept up with our fellow blogger here on WordPress called Garden for Goldens? The same thing here but just Golden Retrievers. These people have set up a memorial garden in honor of these four legged angels that so often come in half dead and yet wag their tail at a kind word or touch.

I just wonder what kind of world do we live in that is filled with people that abuse animals so horribly. All you have to do is click on the web and you find abused horses….horrors of slaughter houses….the list goes on and on. And these are animals…..it is not much better for people. I just don’t understand. But I do know for as many horrible people that have seemed to have lost their very soul on their path through life there is an equal amount of good and kind people that go above and beyond to give an innocent animal or person some bit of love and decency, dignity and respect before they leave this world. I am so grateful for these people. If it wasn’t for these people I would have given up on the human race a long time ago.

I say if all of us….the good, kind and honorable people out there…do just one small act of kindness to someone (two legged or four) each day we might begin to reverse the horrors that this planet has come to see and has almost gotten use to. I beseech all of you….it doesn’t have to cost anything more than a little of your time….do one small random act of kindness and make a difference in some ones life….it might make all the difference in the world to them…in fact you may do the greatest thing of all and restore hope to a someone who has lost it.

“18 Days”

Its been 18 days
Since I’d look at myself
I don’t wanna have to change
If I don’t then no one will
Is it my state of mind
Or is it just everything else
I don’t wanna have to be here
I don’t understand it nowTime after time
I’ve been through this
You show me what it means to live
You give me hope when I was hopeless
As my days fade to night
I remember that state of mind
I’m soaring straight into your heart
And I’ll fly high

And I know what they say
About all good things
Will they come to an end?
But I’ll fight this time
So that we might
Have a chance at this
` Partial Lyrics by Saving Abel

Blessings to Everyone this morning


Michelle’s Weekly Pet Challenge Week 1

Michelle’s Weekly Pet Challenge 1.

When I saw this I got excited because I am ALL about my pets…( I was wondering if that includes husbands? No probably not) So without further ado for my debut week I will feature my favorites.

My Sweet, Sweet Alexandra   September 11, 2003 to October 6, 2009

My Sweet, Sweet Alexandra
September 11, 2003 to October 6, 2009

Elliots Paper Son April 1, 2003 to August 2009

Elliots Paper Son April 1, 2003 to August 2009

Needless to say my heart was broken in 2009 when I lost these two and I haven’t really been able to put it quite back together ever since.

Dear Prudence and her daughter Penny Lane

Dear Prudence and her daughter Penny Lane

Abby Rhoads RIP 2003 At the ripe age of 14....can you tell I am a Beatles fan?

Abby Rhoads RIP 2003 At the ripe age of 14….can you tell I am a Beatles fan?

Black Sabbath RIP 2004....at the ripe age of 14

Black Sabbath RIP 2004….at the ripe age of 14

Rainy Day

Rainy Day

Rosie Day

Rosie Day

I will have to search my archives for my other ones…I have loved animals my whole life and even though I hate to lose them and they take a piece of me with them when they go it is well worth it.

Thanks for the challenge…this will be a lot of fun!!