Rainy Day

The Life and Times of a Weimaraner


This blog is about my Weimarnaner, Rainy Day. It is her stories that will fill these pages but this blog is dedicated to all the wonderful dogs I am been privileged to live with and love. Dogs are my life. I got my first dog, a Rottweiler puppy whom I named Charlie or more formally, Charlene of Montibello. I was only 19, had an infant and a very abusive husband. Looking back a Rottweiler was the last dog I should have brought home but I was ignorant. I quickly realized I needed help and contacted a dog trainer who changed my life. Not only did she help me forge an unbreakable bond with my dog but she changed forever how I would see the world as I learned to see the world through a dogs eyes and a dogs perspective.

Not long after that I rescued an Old English Sheepdog and named her Abby Rhoads. She presented a whole different set of problems. I then adopted a very, very abused 9 month old German Shepherd who was black from head to toe and named her Black Sabbath and then a husky mix puppy fell in my lap whom I called Baby. Now I had a pack and I learned really quickly how the rules in a pack had to be followed exactly or there was going to be trouble. My study of dog behavior continued.

When Charlie was two I learned the hardest lesson of all….never leave choke chain on a dog. At two I lost her right before my very eyes and it was all my fault.

After remarrying,  Bo, a yellow lab mix, came into my life. He was the biggest pain in my butt but he and I were family. My dogs lived a long time but one by one I had to say goodbye. Abby was the first to leave me at the age of 14. Sabbath was the next to go at 14. Baby survived to a ripe age of 17 and Bo left me at the age of 15. In the meantime I introduced a new Rottweiler to the mix. She was born on September 11, 2003 so I named her Alexandra the Greatest. She watched the older ones leave us and we became so very close. At the age of two I had to have her knees replaced  with titanium ones and I was warned this only bought her more time. I was graced with her presence for an additional four years and my life is so much richer having had her in it.



By this time I had lost everything yet again and was starting over when my sweet Rainy Day walked into my life.

My whole life has revolved around dogs. I began grooming at 21 (because of Abby) and had a very good business for a long time. I met the most amazing dogs in that time. I then went on to get my Biology degree in its newest form….Animal Behavior. I wanted to do so much more with that knowledge and eventually get my doctorate but life throws you curve balls and you just have to go with it. I am a care giver to my mother instead.

So yes, this blog is about Rainy Day but I will also share with you other dog stories, famous dogs, dog literature and new science around dogs and animal behavior. I will share with you lessons I Have learned and good products that work. I will respond to all questions and comments. I am by no means an expert, just very experienced and I have a natural gift at communicating and understanding dogs. My new challenge is horses which is a whole different experience but that’s for another blog.

We Are Kindred Spirits

We are the eagle looking down from the sky

We are the puppy playing with a ball

We are the cat purring meditatively

We are the horse nuzzling your hair

We are the lamb bleating for food

We are the calf nursing

We are also the fawn watching the hunter take aim

We are the dog whimpering in pain after an accident

We are the kitten peeking through steel bars at a shelter

We are the baby gorilla being grabbed by poachers

We are the steer in a slaughterhouse

We are the monkey locked in a cage

We are the naivete of youth exploring the adventures of life

We are the wisdom of elders after years of exploration

We are the joy of all  mothers

We are the pride of all fathers

We are also the pain of all those who suffer

We are the shared emotions of all our brethren

We are truly a kindred spirit with all of life

*Thich Nhat Hanh


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