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The Poop Heard Around the World

The Truth About Poop

The Truth About Poop (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Rainy and I are very pleased to be writing this post to everyone that has been so worried about our little angel. Well I guess the most important thing is She’s Going To Live!!! The day after surgery was very rough. I broke down a couple of times because I just wasn’t sure. Her pain level was through the roof. All she could do was lay there staring off in the distance and she would just moan. I felt so helpless and was imagining all kinds of horrible things.

waiting for dad with her baby Photo by Lisa L. Day

waiting for dad with her baby Photo by Lisa L. Day

Island Girl Photo by Lisa L. Day

Island Girl Photo by Lisa L. Day

The next day she was very careful with herself but when you talked to her she would cock her head as she often does and her eyes were clear. Her appetite was ferocious. She could not get enough food but I had strict instructions: just little bits several times a day. Meanwhile though Dr. Denney was away on a much needed and long overdue vacation he and his wife Anney called 2-3 times a day checking up on her. He recommended I go get some pumpkin in a can and add a couple of teaspoons to her food. One dogs love it but two it is a natural laxative and is filled with wonderful properties that add to bowel health. I am sharing that with you because I have since done some research and I am going to continue to add it in her food at least once a day. Anything natural that works and is healthy I am always on board. No bowel movement yesterday but Dr. Denney wasn’t too worried because the diet I was giving her consisted of food made just for the gastrointestinal tract that is compromised and he said most of it was being absorbed with very little waste. Last night I caught her “counter cruising” and she was “working it” while we all ate. In other words she was shamelessly begging and was almost assertive about it. She was reminding me she almost died and had lost most of her “girlish figure” and that we needed to take all this very seriously. Now that was more like the Rainy I know and love.

This morning was the day of reckoning. Dr. Denney had called me first thing in the morning and I told him he would be the first to know. She pooped once then turned around a pooped again. We laughed and hugged and pointed to it as we rejoiced in this thing of beauty….her poop!!!! I immediately texted Dr. Denney to which he replied “YAHOO!!!” and then of course all my friends were informed and everyone was laughing and crying.

The greatest sight for these sore eyes Photo by Lisa L. Day

The greatest sight for these sore eyes Photo by Lisa L. Day

Though she is still pretty sore she gets up when I walk in the room and runs to her toy box to get her “squrabbit” (a squirrel rabbit thing) and she is playful. I have to watch her so she won’t jump up our bed or so she won’t barrel down the stairs. She feels fantastic and I am just so darn happy.

I sure hope those of you who have read about this trying ordeal have learned something from our mistakes and that you will avoid sticks and other things. That is our greatest wish, to save others from the hazards we have run into.

I am now excited to move onto the antics of my mischievous Weimy and other topics centered around health and behavior. Right now we are packing up AGAIN while Rainy supervises. Her Dad had the audacity to use her “babies” as padding around our fragile things. This was very alarming requiring her to get up and hoard the ones she had left. She is also a little put out that I won’t let her chew on piggy rolls or other delicacies but it will be several months before I let her chew on much of anything unless I have thoroughly examined the product first. And yes….I have been and always will be overprotective but no one dares argue with me about it now which is a great thing.

I want to take this time to Thank all of my readers that have been so worried, said so many prayers and have kept up with all the drama as it unfolded. I am a big advocate of positive energy and its healing powers and I could feel the energy pouring over us from all parts of the world. You are just as much the reason for her recovery as anything and I have no words that can do my thoughts any justice.

So on that note and that poop we sign off to start dreaming up topics of a more humorous and fun kind.

Love from Rainy

and Lisa

As I was writing this post I was informed by the local paper that she will be the featured “Pet of the Week” so when I get the newspaper I will post her as this is her 15 minutes and should be shared.