Rainy Day

The Life and Times of a Weimaraner

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The Amazing Artichoke Eating Dog

Canst thou then such a creature hate and spurn?
Or bar him from such poor and simple food?______
Being so fit and faithful for thy turn,
As no beast else can do thee half such good.
Molle (Camerarius)
Taken from the book “The Dog in British Poetry”

I love dogs. I have dedicated my life to them and they are the reason I was inspired to study animal behavior. In my opinion dogs far surpass 95% of people I know when it comes to most everything. They have an enormous capacity for unconditional love, forgiveness, compassion, devotion and the capacity to make the most of every day.

In my years of caring for Canus familiaris I have heard countless stories as their owners proudly shared how their dog could do this or that or how incredible their dog was because of some incredible talent. To be honest I am always amazed at how much time many owners take to get familiar with their dog much as they would with their own child. And more times than not their stories are great and fun and enlightening.

However I too am a dog owner who thinks their dog is the most incredible dog in all the land…..how can I not? My Rainy Day is most beloved and I am always struck dumb at her capacity to think and figure things out. So here is my “My Dog is the Greatest Dog Because She Can Do______________”!!!!

Rainy Day had the bad luck to be adopted by a couple of vegetarians. It is her cross to bear if you will. However instead of letting such a thing get her down she chose instead to buck up and embrace this new challenge life had thrown at her. She has become quite the connoiseur of such things as melons, potatoes, squash, grains, cereals, tomatoes, etc….the list goes on. Lettuce are still held in some disdain but I have high hopes.

One thing we discovered she liked is the artichoke. My husband eats his with miracle whip but I prefer to dip mine in melted butter. So when we have artichokes for dinner it is me she sits next to. What we learned after scoffing at the idea of a dog eating an artichoke is where there is a will there is a way. She observed how we ate our artichokes and after a few failed attempts she quickly put it all together and now my Weimanaer can eat an artichoke with such flair and finesse…..well I am just so Proud.






In this series of photographs taken you will note:

Picture #1 She cautiously approaches the leaf determining from who’s plate it came from….this one came from mine….she still has a bit of a aversion to miracle whip….I am also proud of her extremely good taste.

Picture #2 She is preparing herself for the task at hand

Picture #3 She is scraping the flesh of the leaf off with her teeth (front ones).

Picture #4 Evidence of her scraping technique

Picture #5 The artichoke in question….just in case you are as amazed as I am and still can’t quite believe what I am sharing with you.

So as you can see why I am so proud….how many dogs can do this? I mean really….?