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The Life and Times of a Weimaraner


Another Surgery: Warning….Graphic Photos

Dr. Denney and his “assistants” helping Rainy Photo by Anney Denney

Yesterday was a very difficult day. Rainy still wouldn’t eat or drink and she was bloating up. My husband walked her a bit in the morning hoping she would poop and when she didn’t he took her to see Dr. Denney once again  who, upon seeing her, decided X-rays would be prudent. When he saw the x-rays he saw small shards of bone in her belly and her stomach was full of fluid but nothing in her intestines. He sent her home with Philips Milk of Magnesia and prune juice and told us to bring her back in at 3:30. After two doses of each she still wasn’t going potty. She was so bloated she looked very pregnant and was so uncomfortable. At 3:30 we went back in and Dr. Denney was as concerned as I was. I know what Bloat can do to a dog and I knew Weimananers were a high risk for Bloat. He hated to do it but decided we had no choice but to gas her again and tube her. As she was going under she lifted her head and pressed her mouth to his which almost made the man cry. The minute the tube went in all this gas came out then 3 buckets of the most foul putrid liquid I have ever seen. Dr. Denney was very alarmed. All of that poison was being reabsorbed into her already weakened body. He had never seen such festering putrification going on inside a dog such as what he saw in her. Once he flushed her out and got her back down to a normal size he palpitated her belly and found an obstruction.  There was nothing left to do but to go in and remove it for she was completely blocked. He requested my husband and I stay to help out with the surgery. He was going to cut into her abdominal wall and retrieve the intestine then find the blockage and get it out but it was going to come with some more of that hideous cesspool of bile and poison so I had to be ready to divert it into a bucket and avoid getting it into the abdominal cavity.

Dr. Denney just finding her obstruction Photo by Anney Denny

Ron was in charge of monitoring her heart rate and respiration while also monitoring her IV bag. He also had to rinse with saline when the doctor needed him to. I had to put on gloves and assist with the operation itself. The doc found the obstruction quickly enough and promptly removed it. It initially looked like a big chunk of wood. We discovered later it was in fact a piece of a Bully Stick. She must have found a piece in the house and swallowed it. Let that be a lesson to everyone…always watch what your dog is chewing on and when pieces get too small throw them away.He thoroughly examined the entire length of her intestine and cleaned her out then began the process of sewing her back up. I held onto the intestine while he stitched it close then kept using the antimicrobial spray as he requested it and rinsed her wound until he had her shut up. Now all we had to do was wait for her to wake up which she did very, very slowly. Her body temperature had dropped and she had the shakes real bad but he kept her covered and on a heating pad. As she was waking Dr. Denney handed me his dental tools and I gave her a quick dental while she was still asleep. Finally at midnight we felt if we could somehow carry her to the car and then into the house we could get her home to sleep it off. I sat in the front seat while Ron and Dr. Denney fashioned a large hammock like contraption made from a very large towel. She was placed in my lap and I cradled her like a child all the way home. Dr. Denney followed us home and helped Ron carry her upstairs and into the house where I had a comfy bed for two made up on the floor.

Lisa giving Rainy a Dental Photo by Anney Denney

They laid her down and I covered her with a blanket and a heating pad set on low as I tried to get her chills to subside and I laid down next to her all night. I never took my eyes off of her. I was certain I was going to lose her earlier. I know what bloat does to a dog and I also recognize when a dog is giving up because they are losing the battle. She was losing her fight and I was terrified. Throughout all of this (which was incredibly painful) she had nothing for me and my husband and the doc but love and forgiveness and patience and tenderness. As much pain as she was in and has been in it would not have surprised me if she would bite out of pain or fear but not my Rainy. All she had was kisses for us and love. The tears rolled down my face the entire day.

She stayed in the exact same spot and in the exact same position until 8:45 this morning. She gingerly got up and ate with gusto and had lots of water then laid down and went back to sleep. Dr. Denney was suppose to be on the 8:00 boat this morning but decided to post pone his trip until he saw Rainy one more time and gave her more fluids. He came to the house this morning and loaded her up with as much good things as he could and pronounced her fit enough for him to catch the 11:45 boat. His wife Anney was telling me he never leaves the office before 2 in the morning and this is everyday. Because of his ridiculous hours and his illness he needs a break more than anyone I know. I have never met a man besides my husband with his work ethic and drive. No matter how tired and how sick he is if an animal needs him he goes to it. To me he embodies the “Modern Day St. Francis”. I will never be able to repay his kindness and friendship and the above board treatment Rainy got in his attempts to save her life not once but twice. I have learned so much from him and my life is forever changed having known him. I have invited him to visit up in Moab as his wife Anney loves to hike in the desert. I will remind them constantly that the offer was sincere and heartfelt.  He has a beautiful soul and a genuine kindness about him that is unmatched by any other BUT Ron. He and Ron became friends and he paid Ron a dear compliment that left Ron speechless. I know I am going on a bit but meeting someone of his caliper is highly unlikely. I have been fortunate enough to have met two such souls in my life and I married one of them. In today’s world this type of service is unheard of.  This is a person that has had a great impact on my life and influence. He will always be remembered and I can only hope he knows how much his life has meant to me. He has made a huge difference. I am but just one of his patients. Imagine….he does this for everyone. Incredible!! Much like Ron helping me out when I had nowhere to go and he expected nothing in return. He did it merely because he saw someone that needed help and he was in a position to give it.

Photo of an x-ray showing gastric dilatation a...

Photo of an x-ray showing gastric dilatation and volvulus in a large mixed-breed dog. The large dark area is the gas trapped in the stomach. The pylorus and duodenum are in an abnormal position cranial to the stomach and are separated by a fold in the stomach, creating a “double bubble” appearance. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The obstruction in her bowel…. piece of a bully stick Photo by Anney Denney

I know this experience taught me what true humanity is and I will strive everyday to achieve it. If I have something to offer someone who needs it then I will freely give it with no expectations of getting anything in return. If only there was more people like that in the world this place would be a much better place.

Dr. Denney this morning at our home with Rainy Photo by Lisa L. Day

Rainy and Dr. Denney Photo by Lisa L. Day

Brave Girl Photo by Lisa L. Day

IV Drip….the last one!! Photo by Lisa L. Day

The whole family takes part Photo by Lisa L. Day

Now the rest is up to her…..and lots of LOVE Photo by Lisa L. Day