Rainy Day

The Life and Times of a Weimaraner

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Rainy’s New Friend

There have been many dogs stopping by to say hello. So far she has liked Abby the Aussie and she was Rainy’s favorite until this big fellow came to call and she became one smitten kitten.


I saw him on the other side of the fence and not wearing my glasses I began to chastise him thinking he was Rainy until I looked down and saw she was right next to me (sorry Rainy). She ran over and it was like the famous beach scene where the two lovers run towards each other for that long anticipated embrace.


She invited him over and after the obligatory butt sniffing they decided to play.


Unfortunately he is younger, leaner and faster but she doesn’t care…..





He is magnificent…


he loves to run…like Rainy…


He loves to play ball….like Rainy….


and he just gets it!!! They have so much in common…


and did I mention he is magnificent???

I don’t know his name and I don’t know where he lives but I hope to find out. It would be  shame if he was just a ship in the night….

or a ghost….


I called the animal clinic that was on his rabies tag and they said his name is Rusty and he lives in Wanship which is a significant hike from here….so we are waiting on his parents to call back….

Rusty and Rainy sitting in a tree…