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The Life and Times of a Weimaraner


Michelle’s Weekly Pet Challenge Round up for week – Round up and start of new week 5.

This week I thought I would just feature my muse Rainy who is the most photographed dog I know!!

The first series is on our most recent hike through the Uintas to capture the fall colors:




DSC_0336On that same day we came upon an awesome mountain stream that we knew she would love. We also wanted to take pictures but it seems whenever we have a great shot of something she has to put her self between it and the camera so Ron threw a stick just to get her to move but it was swept out of her reach before she could get it:

You can see the littel stick floating away in the upper right corner...she really wanted it but it was very cold.

You can see the little stick floating away in the upper right corner…she really wanted it but it was very cold.

So she worked her way around never losing sight of the darn thing

So she worked her way around never losing sight of the darn thing

Until it was finally within her reach

Until it was finally within her reach

She walked around sporting her stick for a full 15 minutes...she was so proud

She walked around sporting her stick for a full 15 minutes…she was so proud

She loves the water….in the snow or in water that is really gross…it makes no difference to her…but give her a bath and you might as well be killing her…



And her daily hikes are very important too. Sometimes she can show her stubborn side and pretend to not hear me when it is time to go…


When I got in the car she started paying attention but still would not budge…


However starting the engine lit a fire on her butt and she flew to the car….poor girl has abandonment issues in from her former life

DSC_0181Have a great week everyone!!



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Scar Back!!

In Moab everything that surrounded us was public land which meant we could take her hiking where ever we wanted. She has become accustomed to that. Here in the Park City area however all the land is private so finding her places to run has become a bit of a challenge. Summit County has a pretty restrictive leash law but Weimaraners need to run and run and run.

That being said everyone has told me “Take her to the rail trial…its safe” but I worried about all the barb wire that is around. We have already had a run in with barb wire that resulted in 23 staples. And if you have followed this blog at all you know that Rainy seems to be a bit accident prone. When she runs she does it with blinders on. But…I took their advice because I was getting chastised for being over protective and only seeing what could happen…not reality. Well MY reality and intuition was right. I took her on the rail trail and before the end of the hike she laid her back wide open from barb wire. I am pissed to say the least and frustrated. People can say what they want but I know my dog and I know what can happen. I have worked with vets too many years not to know the reality of what CAN and DOES happen.

We are doctoring it and I am saying “see I told you so!!!”

So the hunt for acceptable running places continues…..

I did find a great spot in the heart of Park City. It is a Mountain stream full of wildflowers and safety. Unfortunately Rainy gets bored easily. Owning a rambunctious Weimaraner is not easy or for the faint of heart.

Her obvious injury to her back

Her obvious injury to her back







She’s Back!!!

I have been so remiss in keeping up with my blogs but as I slowly get settled into my new life and get unpack we have managed to enjoy Christmas and all that goes with it along the way. One of Rainy’s favorite things to do is hike. In fact, my daughter one day said to me “Rainy is just so even tempered…almost like she has no personality….does she ever get excited about anything?” I demonstrated by singing “You want to go hiking” to the tune of “I’m a girl watcher” and my daughter had to stand back as the elated body spasms began knocking things over as she ran to get one of her babies from her toy box to take with her. Rainy has tons and tons of crazy personality and she wears her heart on her sleeve but she is a Weimaraner which means there is a time and place for all things.


That crazy look she gets right before a hike Photo by Ron Day


This is serious business Photo by Ron Day


And she’s off!! Photo by Ron Day


Who doesn’t love the snow? Photo by Ron Day


Stopping to ponder her next move Photo by Ron Day


Any suggestions?? Photo by Ron Day


WEEEEEEE!!!!! Photo by Ron Day


Pooped and ready for a nap Photo by Ron Day

I just wanted to share some photos of her hiking through the snow on the golf course here….we figured the golfers wouldn’t mind. She still doesn’t have the stamina she had before her ordeal but she gets stronger and more energetic ever day. She has healed as if nothing ever happened and I feel so blessed to have her in our lives.

On the other end of the spectrum I have never seen a dog enjoy a good nap more than Rainy in my life. She hikes with gusto and sleeps with just as much enthusiasm. In fact she is NOT a MORNING person and was a little put out that we all got up so early and invaded her space as we opened our presents. For days she had been checking out her stocking, fixating on it really, as she scented the delicious aromas of pig ears and giant organic cookies. But Christmas morning I laid it all out for her and she looked at me like I just grew a set of horns….she could not believe we were so rude as to bother her before she was ready to face her day.


Christmas Eve Photo by Ron Day


What in the hell is everyone doing? Do you know what time it is?? Photo by Ron Day


Are you kidding me? We have to do this now?? Photo by Ron Day


An after hike nap on her favorite pillow Photo by Ron Day


She and I do this very well Photo by Ron Day


Adorable!! Photo by Ron Day


Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year Everyone!! Photo by Ron Day

In fact because we got her up too early she (and I ) needed a nice nap which we enjoyed immensely together later in the day. It was a wonderful Christmas finally being home among friends and enjoying all the things we like to do. The snow was a welcomed sight as the area has been dealing with a drought and who doesn’t like a White Christmas?

Rainy wishes everyone a Merry Christmas and recommends getting lots of rest and hikes in for the coming New Year!!!