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The Life and Times of a Weimaraner

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More Bad News

For the last 6 days we have been giving her these painful injections of antibiotics trying to kill whatever it is that is having a party in her jaw. It takes two of us and I HATE it cause she just whimpers and then looks at us in utter confusion wondering what the hell made us decide to torture her for no reason. Ron had to go to the mainland to take our second load of belongings back to Utah and she still has two injections to give. I really didn’t see how I could manage this process on my own so off we went to see Dr. Denny this evening so he could give us a hand. I recognized the lump was not getting smaller and these are very powerful antibiotics we are giving her so I knew what was coming even before he said “I don’t like it” so her surgery is scheduled on Wednesday at 10. He believes its one of two things or both. One is there is still a sliver of stick or debris stuck in the area but he also believes that the relentless bacteria that causes cellulitis may have encapsulated itself in a fibrous pocket preventing the antibiotics from penetrated the infected area giving this strain of bacteria a free ride. Either way it must be removed which means going in from the outside through nerves, veins and arteries that are thick in the neck area. So I will be responsible for taking care of my mother on my own plus I have to walk my baby in to get a delicate surgery performed. I have decided now would be a good time to pray to St. Francis and whatever well wishes he may send our way.

Photo by Ron Day

I will keep you posted as to her progress and in the meantime we are just going to run and run and chase pigeons and everything that catches her eye. She has  discovered a fun thing….crabs. She will fly around the rocks slipping on the moss that has her flaying in the water but she muscles her way back to shore only to repeat the whole process. I know its just a matter of time when she comes howling out of a nook or crannie she has shoved her face into pulling out a crab that has firmly planted itself on her nose but I guess some lessons must be painful in order to learn from them.

Photo by Ron Day

Tonight I ran her in a big field that runs along the golf course. Its a huge area to run and play ball but do you think she was happy doing that? Hell no…the golf course looked way more interesting and as she was flying out onto the fairway I was screaming at her to get her butt right back praying a field marshal didn’t notice. The one thing I have a healthy respect for is a marshal as they are militant…almost nazi like in their methods of maintaining order and respect for the game of golf. Rainy is blissfully unaware that some of her adventures are somewhat frowned upon no matter how hilarious I find it.

Photo by Ron Day

Wish us luck and I will keep you posted.