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AFISHinado’s Sunset Cruise

I have told you all about the amazing Flying Fish Tours on The “Catallac” here on the Island but while my friend Trudy was here I thought it would be fun to take the family on AFISHinado’s Sunset Cruise and once again I was not disappointed.

As I explained in my previous post they are training a new Captain for the Catallac. The Sunset Cruise we signed up for was his maiden voyage solo. Lance had a rough start to say the least. The passengers waited with anticipation for the boat to arrive at the C dock promptly at 6:00pm. At 6:15 I began to doubt myself, questioning the night and instructions for meeting the boat. I began to ask around and others like me were waiting. John and Karen showed up and explained we had a bit of a problem. Apparently the anchor line got tied up in the motor and when Lance started the engines it tightened the rope to the point of no return. The Harbor Patrol was called and measures were being taken to loosen the line but things were quickly becoming hopeless. Finally John and Karen’s son had to dive in and cut the line which was no easy task. Finally at 6:45 the Catallac came around with a very wet and cold first mate and an extremely stressed out Captain. This was Karen’s birthday so the mood was light and John jokingly questioned if I was going to put this little faux pa in my blog….I answered honestly “Of Course!!” but no one minded the wait as the adventure was too alluring.

Once again they got all the muscle available to lift Mom on board with her wheelchair and within a very short amount of time we were on our way. As we pulled around I realized we were going by way of Lover’s Cove and I got excited for I have never seen the top portion of the island. We sailed past Pebbly Beach which was fun as that is the “industrial” part of the island. Before long the beauty began to unfurl as we sailed past isolated sail boats moored here and there and huge rocks that jutted out of the ocean that were covered with seagulls and the island “snow”.

As we rounded the top portion of the island I noticed a sea lion on a rock and then we saw what I thought was one of the most amazing sights….a beach full of sea lions….something you would only see in a National Geographic magazine. Lance, the Catallac’s new great Captain idled the boat along the beach so shutter bugs like me could take as many photos as we wanted at our leisure. I was so grateful I brought my “long” lens so I could get zoomed in shots of these beautiful animals just sharing a moment of peace together on the rocky shore.

We saw what they call Church Rock covered in Cormorants as the surf crashed up on the craggy rock and finally we rounded the corner to view the other side of the island and the long anticipated sunset. I was absolutely blown away by the beauty that lay before me. Off in the distance was “Pinnacle Rock” and a mist that crawled up the island amidst the crashing waves. The sunset was not particularly remarkable and yet it was.

The color wasn’t super intense or bright but the scene before me was nothing short of breathtaking. At that moment I vowed to Ron we must get a boat (even a dinghy would do) so that we may see this awesome sight now and then. Once again I found myself thanking the Universe for bringing me home to this beautiful jewel known as Santa Catalina Island. It was a photographers dream and you can view more in depth shots on my other blog :    http://lisadayphotography.blogspot.com

It was the perfect way to spend a night with family and friends. Trudy loved it and it brought my mother closer to her beloved island.

I want to say a special Thank You to John and Karen for providing this outlet to any and all who want to enjoy it. Not only do they provide awesome once in a lifetime experiences but they are just so freaking fun while they do it. I don’t believe I have met two more down to earth people and I am honored to call them friends.

Do not come to this island without taking advantage of the fun excursions John, Karen and Family are so willing to offer.



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AFISHinado’s Flying Fish Tour II

As promised to many I am writing about the second flying fish tour I took with my friend Trudy while she visited here courtesy of our friends John and Karen.
Once again we boarded the Catallac, only this time it was to just be me and Trudy as Ron stayed home with my mother. It was fun watching us pull away from the island through Trudy’s eyes. It was dusk and it was beautiful.

John warned us the waters were murky and so the sightings would not be as plentiful as the night when Ron, my mother and I traveled. Trudy didn’t seem to mind. Lance, a great guy that works with John and Karen was the pilot this night and this was his first time piloting more or less completely on his own. I think he did great.

Just when I was beginning to wonder if we would see any flying fish at all we spotted one then another but there were no long flights and not the shear numbers we saw before. We even went to the spot where the sea lions had put on a show and there were none until finally Trudy spotted one off the bow. I let her be in charge of the flashlight because I had been recruited to help pass out the flashlights to the other passengers and even wore a bracelet as a reminder. But sadly it was a quiet night until……

John had the idea to get one of the guys to catch one in a net. We could see the fish swimming under our lights right by the boat but they were so quick. I knew the chances of actually catching one were slim to none. Then lo and behold John and Karen’s son caught one and I was able to get photos of the little guy. Trudy was thrilled however she declined at holding it because she and everyone else were complaining at the enormous stink arising from this sweet, jeweled fish. One of my little quirks is my smeller is not what it use to be so I didn’t see a problem. I could smell nothing but I was too busy taking photos to partake in holding it. One woman held it and frankly she looked like she wanted to hurl right there but the two young boys on the boat thought it was way too cool so they each got a turn before we tossed the scared fish back into the water.

What amazed me was the incredible strength these fish had in their tails which is what gets them above the water so their huge sail like fins could catch the wind. It took all the strength one had to hold onto the fish if he decided to smack his tail around.

So the night was once again incredible and I believe everyone got their monies worth. Trudy was actually enjoying the ride so much she wouldn’t have been disappointed if we never saw any fish at all but we not only saw them fly in the water but then got to see one up close and personal.

I have enjoyed these charters so much I went ahead a signed us up for a “sunset cruise” a few days later which I will share in my next blog post. It was nothing short of INCREDIBLE!!!!

I just thank John and Karen for giving people the opportunity to see the island in a different way and they are just so freaking cool about it.

Do not come to the island without taking a great and exciting ride on the “Catallac”.


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Friend Is a Four Letter Word?

I just got back from Physical Therapy. It is my second time going and I felt so alive walking home. I have been dealing with a lot physically for a while now and Dan the Man seems to be onto something. So I walked home today straight up and up again then down. I saw a doe and her fawn, I saw flowers and blue sky. I waved at the bus drivers and the construction crews and I felt much better than when I had walked in this morning. I put on my iPod and turned on my music making my walk a lovely event. I don’t have to think about my heavy breathing or my thumping heart as I struggle to right my body and right my mind and lose weight. A song by the band Cake came on and it made me think about a post I needed to write on in my blog.

Just yesterday I was asking Ron about maintaining friendships. I have a hard time doing that. I suppose I am really not a very good friend. I allow my life to override my friendships and to be honest an afternoon with a friend is about the most exhausting thing I can do. Small talk is difficult for me and not being able to take rare and precious time that I have for my personal projects or something oriented more around me I have to spend it with someone when really I need that time to regroup. I call it “Me” time and it is essential for me to recharge and fortify myself for my day, to prepare me for bed (I am a chronic insomniac) and a break in the middle of the day.
I have a lot of friends you could say but not really. Most friendships are short lived or just acquaintances. Ron said he too knew many people and was friendly with all but he too had his own projects and his children and wife were really the only deep friendships he has forged and maintained. He stated he thought some people forged great friendships because they put a lot of work into them. He doesn’t and I am surprised to say I don’t either. There is also the saying that simply put if you manage to have one good friend in a lifetime you are doing pretty good. 
So as I was walking I pondered why I can’t seem to put the work into friendships especially people that mean so much to me. And the Cake song came on

Friend Is a Four Letter Word

To me, coming from you, friend is a four letter word
End is the only part of the word that I heard
Call me morbid or absurd, but to me,coming from you
Friend is a four letter word

To me, coming form you, friend is a four letter word
End is the only part of the word that I heard
Call me morbid or absurd, but to me, coming form you
Friend is a four letter word

When I go fishing for the words that I am wishing you would say to me
I’m really only praying that the words you’ll soon be saying
Might betray the way you feel about me

But to me coming from you, friend is a four letter word.
This struck a cord with me and I began to think of why. First I am an only child. I had deep deep bonds with my grandfather, my grandmother and my uncle. I call them My Holy Trinity. At seven my mother remarried the man I always thought was my father and we moved to Greece. My father was such a loner trying to bond with him was near to impossible. I did that as I cared for him while he succumbed to his disease and died last October.
Also while I was in Greece I had to learn the hard way that the friendships I would make there were quick and intense but very short lived. The first few years had me crying every summer as I said goodbye to a good friend I knew I would never see again. Then I learned to pull away right before they left so I could cope with my loss a little better. Soon it was common to make a friend quick and be inseparable until a month before they left in which they no longer existed for me. I was so hurtful to so many people but I had to do it to cope. 
I think it’s because of the above two reasons I no longer put as much effort into my friendships and even always kept myself a bit closed off and distant because that seem to be so much safer to me. I also made stupid friendships where I picked people that just used me. They were my very “best friends” as long as I bought them what they wanted, watched their kids or pets and did things that just sucked the very life out of me….giving myself yet another reason to never get too close. 
It also occurred to me that I could never be a very good friend because much like love…you cannot really love anyone until you love yourself and forging good friendships starts with befriending yourself. I am not a very good to friend to myself. I am extremely self destructive and deal with a big dose of self loathing. These are some things I need to work on because its slowly killing me mentally and physically. I learned about the physical part today. My resting heart rate is approximately 100 and I cannot move because my body is attacking itself because my mind is telling it to do so.
So I am learning yet another piece to myself and another lesson I must take to heart.
In the meantime I dedicate this post to my friends Trudy and Eileen…the only two friends I have had in my adult life that have never asked for anything from me but my friendship and I have never appreciated the gift they are to me. I promise I will TRY to work on doing better because I really do love you guys.

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Trudy’s Visit

The welcoming committee

She is already trying to pick up strange men

After 7 years of not seeing my dear friend Trudy she arrived in Catalina on August 5th. She and I met in college in a Spanish class and we just hit it off. She became a history major and went on to teach middle school and I of course went on with my Biology degree. We both lived in Newport News Virginia but she lived a few miles away from me.

Actually she never even looked at anyone but hung out with me….The girls are back!!!

After she graduated and became employed her and her husband Troy decided to buy a new and bigger house for them and their three boys (Scooter, Dickie and Eric). I found a house in my neighborhood not a block away and they bought it. We imagined spending so much time together and we often did but life happens. She was working and I was working and to be frank I fell into a dark depression that took years to recover from. I found myself often hiding from friends and family but Trudy never gave up on me. The I moved to Utah and we rarely spoke.

Weighing her driving options here on the island

The most handsome boy she saw all week

Trudy said something funny…Rosie and I enjoyed the joke

One day last year while I was living with my parents taking care of them as my dad progressively got worse with his illness….She called me. Her dad had died a few months before, she and her family had survived a terrible cancer that was discovered in her youngest son, Eric and her mother was just diagnosed with stage 4 colon cancer. She had been going through a lot to say the least and while her mother moved in and is fighting her disease her husband decided he needed a break from the marriage…..Trudy needed a friend and I was finally strong enough to be there for her.
After months of talking on the phone I decided to have her come out to the island for a much needed break and that’s exactly what she did.

She fits right in here

She worked at making me smile

Getting ready for our flying fish tour

It was a wonderful week. I learned so much about my dear friend I didn’t know before (such as she is a fantastic cook) and she got to meet Ron, visit with my mother and enjoy Catalina. She was able to vent about her sorrow and we had fun fantasizing about what we want to be “when we grow up”. She learned to meditate and tried hypnosis for smoking and was able to share a bit with Ron. But mostly we just explored the island, went shopping and drank many margaritas not to mention we got to have our wicky wacked. At Luau Larry’s there is a drink called a wicky wack. If you order said drink you get a free straw hat that looks absolutely ridiculous on anyone who wears it. Needless to say there are many tourists out there on any given day that are sporting their trophy and all who live here know they just got their wicky wacked.
I took her on a flying fish cruise with the AFISHinado gang, went to the interior where she met Rosie and a herd of buffalo. We spent some days just exploring the island and doing lots of walking and soul searching. Friday night Trudy and my whole family went on a “sunset cruise” with the AFISHinado gang (which I will share in more detail in another post) and she treated us to her wonderful cooking night after night.
It was hard to say goodbye last night knowing her life is in such turmoil at home and to be honest it was SO GOOD spending time with my dear friend. I have moped around here like a lost puppy today and hope when she reads this she will know how much her visit meant to me. For all of you out there that are following my blog….you know you can visit anytime. This is a lovely place to fall back and regroup and to recharge.

She learned to knit for those lonely nights at home

Me and my favorite person ever

Thanking my mother for the trip
Reflecting on her future during a quiet moment

Getting ready for the sunset cruise

Apparently she liked it

As did I

Working on her golf strategy

Making this guy’s day!!!

Just got her wicky wacked!!

Is she adorable or what??

Can’t wait to have her back

Spending a moment together before her boat

So hard to say goodbye

I hate goodbyes

I am also so blessed. I was able to look at my life through Trudy’s eyes and even though I am going through some difficult times of my own I was able to see what a wonderful life I really do have. Sometimes when you are hit with one difficult event after another you lose sight of what is right in front of you. Thank you Trudy for opening my eyes again. I thank God and my mother and Ron everyday for the life we all share here and I will try to not take it for granted again…..but I am human.

The departing committee

My home that holds all that is dear to me

The Queen of her island castle

Love to all my friends out there


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House Evolution Continues

An early morning moon

Above the marine layer

Middle Ranch as the sun comes up

Rosie, who is certain she’s going to die unless she eats immediately

Yesterday started at 4:30 for me. I had to go to Middle Ranch to learn how to take care of all the horses so I will be ready when its my turn. The horses and Middle Ranch are part of a Co-op. We have a great barn manager whose name is Cathy. She lives in the house that Joanie Propst did. Joanie Propst was a friend of the family and she and her husband took me in every summer and put me to work on their ranch. It is there I learned to ride, milk cows, feed pigs, and collect eggs from all their chickens. I am certain it was my time spent there every summer that nurtured my love for animals. Its is the reason I came to love this island so much. My time spent there were the happiest moments of my childhood. Once Joanie’s husband Doug retired from the island Conservancy they moved to Northern California. Joanie had started the Pony Club before she left so when she was no longer here a group of people took over the Saddle Club and set it up as a Co-op. Cathy moved into Joanie’s house and took over managing the barn and she has been doing a great job for 20 years now. However everyone needs a break so on the weekends Cathy relaxes and all the horse owners take turns doing Cathy’s job on the weekends. My weekend will be September 2-3. Its a huge responsibility so I want to make sure I know what I am doing so I will go up a few times to help Cathy so I am confident at doing the job by the time its my turn.

Two bulls enjoying the morning quiet

My beautiful Rosie

Middle Ranch

Catalina quail

A squirrel sunning herself

The girls crossing the road

A bottle brush tree

I took the Buffalo Chaser and had a great ride up to the ranch. It was breathtakingly beautiful. The marine layer was still thick up in the interior and the creatures of the island were out and about affording me a few shots of them as I made my up to the ranch.

I had a great time with Cathy and look forward to doing it again soon. In fact I would be up there today but I am now getting busy cleaning my house and getting ready for my friend Trudy whom I have not seen for 7 years.




In the meantime the painters have been working hard on my house and I have to say I love it. Every one has been a bit speculative of my color choices but as they progressed through their work strangers are now stopping and complimenting the painters on their work and how cool the colors are. I took a few pictures yesterday so you could see what we have done. Anyone who knows me knows I have long wanted a yellow beach house. I got the beach house so the most natural next step was the yellow. After the house is done I want to paint the doors a unique green. The best way I can describe the color is the green that appears on copper when it has been oxidized. I think it will really make the house stand out.

Not finished yet

The gate that leads to our front door that’s really the back door

Finally!!! My yellow beach house

The front door that is really the back door

So here are some before and after shots. Once its fully completed I will send more so you can see the final result.

Have a great Friday everyone and a safe weekend.