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Rainy’s Ear



Michelle’s Weekly Pet Challenge Round up for week – Round up and start of new week 5.

This week I thought I would just feature my muse Rainy who is the most photographed dog I know!!

The first series is on our most recent hike through the Uintas to capture the fall colors:




DSC_0336On that same day we came upon an awesome mountain stream that we knew she would love. We also wanted to take pictures but it seems whenever we have a great shot of something she has to put her self between it and the camera so Ron threw a stick just to get her to move but it was swept out of her reach before she could get it:

You can see the littel stick floating away in the upper right corner...she really wanted it but it was very cold.

You can see the little stick floating away in the upper right corner…she really wanted it but it was very cold.

So she worked her way around never losing sight of the darn thing

So she worked her way around never losing sight of the darn thing

Until it was finally within her reach

Until it was finally within her reach

She walked around sporting her stick for a full 15 minutes...she was so proud

She walked around sporting her stick for a full 15 minutes…she was so proud

She loves the water….in the snow or in water that is really gross…it makes no difference to her…but give her a bath and you might as well be killing her…



And her daily hikes are very important too. Sometimes she can show her stubborn side and pretend to not hear me when it is time to go…


When I got in the car she started paying attention but still would not budge…


However starting the engine lit a fire on her butt and she flew to the car….poor girl has abandonment issues in from her former life

DSC_0181Have a great week everyone!!



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Michelle’s Weekly Pet Challenge: Week 4

Beauty through Photographs

Michelle’s Weekly Pet Challenge: roundup for week 3 and the start of week 4

Some shots of Rainy this morning on our daily hike. She was feeling beautiful I guess because she was so cooperative about posing….most of my shots of her are blurry as she streaks through my filed of vision.









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A Field of Sunflowers

Since we have been home in Moab Rainy had to have yet another surgery but it wasn’t done by our beloved vet Dr. Denney but instead by a local vet who is good mind you but no Dr. Denney. For one he did not put in a drain so her face swelled up and we had to keep taking her in to have it drained. It just would fill back up with fluid and we could not get it to stop. Finally we determined (with the help of Dr. Denney via long distance phone calls) that she was allergic to the sutures. I removed the sutures and we gently forced a Q-tip in the wound and finally the fluid rushed out and she began to heal. She has been great ever since.

To celebrate her new found lease on life we took her to this beautiful field of sunflowers where she ran and ran. Enjoy the photos of her celebration of life.


Happy Happy Joy Joy


A Field of Gold



Got to reach dad to help him take a picture



The fastest dog in the world



I may just take off and flyyyyy



Look at me go



The Rainy Day Happy Dance



And look at me dig!!



Pretty soon all you will see of me is my butt




The Leibster Award

While I have been away trying to put the pieces back together of my life I got awarded a blog award for my Rainy Day. Here are the questions I must answer:

Questions for Chou’s Nominees:

 1) Why do you have a pet blog?
I love my Weimaraner and I want to share the joy she has given me and my husband to anyone that enjoys reading about such things. She is also my hero and I strive to be more like her everyday.
 2) Do you write for other blogs or websites?
Yes, I have three other blogs:
 3) Where do you live?
Moab, Utah
 4) Why did you choose the breed/dog you blog with?
I rescued her and I am so glad I did…Weimaraners Rule!!!
 5) How often do you blog?
I was doing it daily then life got in the way but I now plan on getting back to it on a regular basis…I have missed it!!
 6) Do you have specific goals for your blog?
Just to share with others as I have been doing and to have fun with it
 7) What is the most effective way you have increased traffic to your blog?
Promoting my blog, word of mouth and following and READING and COMMENTING on other peoples blog
 8) Do you have other pets in your home?
I have a horse….Rosie Day
 9) Do you work outside the home? What are you doing?
Yes, for another week I am a fundraiser for a non profit that supports 70 other non profits in the area…..I work for Wabi Sabi…..check it out on facebook and if you are ever in Moab you simply must stop by
10) How old is your dog?
About 6-7….its a guess as she was a rescue
11) How old is your blog?
Less than a year but going strong
As soon as I do a little research I will post my nominees for such a prestigious award…..its all about passing on the torch.


Too Cold for Rainy??

Always Peace in the Company of Dogs

Always Peace in the Company of Dogs

I am not going to lie to you…..it has been darn cold out there. Today I woke up and it was -10 in Moab. It has warmed up to a whopping -2 degrees. Rainy, for the most part, doesn’t let little things like the weather or the temperature ruin her fun on a hike. Now it is completely different if I open the door for her to go potty…..if its not a stellar day with pristine conditions there is no force in nature that will get her outside BUT if its a hike…..well that is completely different. In her defense she is quite the athlete and it shows on her hikes. She runs full speed over great distances and difficult terrain. I have noticed however that it may be just too cold for even that vigorous pace to keep her warm. We have to snuggle her under a blanket when we get home to warm her up. Before you yell “animal abuse” I want you to know I bought a beautiful red jacket that says “I DIG Moab” (which is so true….literally) but she finds this an embarrassing article of clothing to wear. She freezes (in motion…not temperature) and doesn’t seem to know quite what to do. So we are working on it.
Rainy Flying on the Golf Course Photo by Ron Day

Rainy Flying on the Golf Course Photo by Ron Day

Too fast for the camera Photo by Ron Day

Too fast for the camera Photo by Ron Day

Fast as Lightening Photo by Ron Day

Fast as Lightening Photo by Ron Day

"This cold is ridiculous!!" Photo by Ron Day

“This cold is ridiculous!!” Photo by Ron Day

If the sun is shining and its a beautiful day it really doesn’t matter how cold….she just flies like the wind. Unfortunately for me…I cannot quite keep her pace going for me so I get very cold and trying to lug my injured hip up and down the rocks and snow proves to be a challenge. I will try and it usually takes me 2-3 days to recover and then I go and try again. I figure eventually my hip is bound to give in and just let me hike with minimal complaining.

Moab Golf Course in the Snow Photo by Ron Day

Moab Golf Course in the Snow Photo by Ron Day