Rainy Day

The Life and Times of a Weimaraner

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Ask and You Shall Receive

This week has been very hectic. It is so funny how life can change in just an instant. I have been trying to find my place in the world for a while now with a job and other things and was at a point that I wanted to give up. I am not a huge pray-er for myself. I will ask for others but I probably felt I just didn’t deserve much so why make things awkward and ask? But the other night I was so down I just sat outside with the stars and cried and asked God for help. The next day I woke up and looked through the paper (AGAIN) and revised my resume and went cold calling and by the end of the day I had two jobs working with animals which is what I love. I was told I had a very impressive resume. I never put too much focus on that because I didn’t want people to think I was tooting my own horn and I have never viewed what I have done in my life as anything remarkable. I have dabbled in many things and took advantage of opportunities because I think at times I was actually pretty lucky. I am wondering if my resume is the reason I got hired or something else. If it was resume than I have not utilized this near enough!! But I am thinking it is something so much bigger than me.

The other thing that has stayed on my mind is my Rosie. She really needs exercise and some lessons on Manners Can Be Fun. In order to get the use of my neighbors round pen would require me to ask for help. Again…I am not good at doing that. I don’t want my neighbor to see me coming and roll his eyes in frustration or feel I am using him or his resources but I am in desperation here, I have tried everything else and I would only use his round pen when he was at work and not using it himself BUT everyday I would chicken out about asking. Finally I prayed once again. 

A few of her new friends...they seemed to have recovered from her early morning visit

A few of her new friends…they seemed to have recovered from her early morning visit

Yesterday morning I woke up to a world of white. There was 6-8 inches on the ground. It was beautiful but it certainly indicated that winter was definitely here. So I bundled up and went out to feed Rosie. When I got out to her pen it was empty. SHE WAS GONE!!!!! My heart stopped and I held my breath as my brain tried to compute what the ramifications were. When my breathing and my heart started once again I could not help the tears that began rolling down my face. I knew my neighbor would be out to feed his horses about then so I took a chance and knocked on his door. His daughter answered and I asked “Have you seen my horse?” Her face broke out in a wide grin and she yelled “DAD!!…The lady is here for her horse!!” He walked around the corner of his hall with a wide grin on his face. Apparently at three in the morning Rosie decided she would rather watch the snow fall with some company so she opened her gate and went visiting the handsome boys next door. He heard a ruckus in the middle of the night and went out and saw all these tracks so he followed them around back and bumped into Rosie. He put her in the round pen and went to bed waiting for the inevitable hysterical knock on the door in the morning. He was so nice about it and helped me get her home. I took that opportunity to ask if I could use his round pen and he was more than willing to let me use it. So today we are going to start getting some exercise and we are going to learn how to be a horse and not a princess that just does what she wants to all day long.

Rosie safely back in her pen pouting as she looks over at her new horse friends.

Rosie safely back in her pen pouting as she looks over at her new horse friends.

It is just funny how just by asking in a simple prayer all of my obstacles were removed and I was able to resolve so many of my problems.

I have to keep reminding myself that it is okay to ask for help from a variety of sources and to recognize I don’t have to solve all the world’s problems or even my own all by myself.






The Joy of Rainy

If one searches the web you can see how Weimaraners are perhaps the most photographed dogs out there. I think this is because of several reasons:

1) William Wegman made the breed famous by his wonderfully creative photographs he has taken of his brood.

2) They are natural models patiently sitting or standing for the camera. You can dress them up or dress them down, photograph up close while they are sleeping or just candid shots of them doing whatever it is that they do.

3) They are beautiful!!

As I have said before, my Rainy is my muse. She is always on the go so for every great shot I get of her there are 20 that show just grey streaks of blur. Here is the latest collection I just took on our walk the other morning.






I think you all know Rainy is very loved. How could she not be…she is perfect. But recently it has come to my attention that just because you are a Weimaraner doesn’t mean your life is going to be easy. I just discovered a non profit organization called Tickled Pink Weimaraner Rescue. They are based out of Albuquerque, New Mexico and I am in awe of this organization. They take in Weimaraners that have lived in years of abuse and neglect and do what they can…everything they can…to get them back on their feet before finding a “forever home” for them.

I have been both moved to tears and driven to complete bewilderment and rage at what so many dogs have to endure from people. There are stories of Gilbert Grape who came in with a 12 pound tumor on his chest  and little Lollipop that was both diabetic and blind at 14 weeks. There was Louisiana Lola who was half dead from Meningitis….she didn’t make it but at least she knew what it was to be loved at the end of her life. I encourage to check out the page and see what these wonderful people are doing for the weak, sick and hopeless regardless of age.

But this organization is not the only one. Who has kept up with our fellow blogger here on WordPress called Garden for Goldens? The same thing here but just Golden Retrievers. These people have set up a memorial garden in honor of these four legged angels that so often come in half dead and yet wag their tail at a kind word or touch.

I just wonder what kind of world do we live in that is filled with people that abuse animals so horribly. All you have to do is click on the web and you find abused horses….horrors of slaughter houses….the list goes on and on. And these are animals…..it is not much better for people. I just don’t understand. But I do know for as many horrible people that have seemed to have lost their very soul on their path through life there is an equal amount of good and kind people that go above and beyond to give an innocent animal or person some bit of love and decency, dignity and respect before they leave this world. I am so grateful for these people. If it wasn’t for these people I would have given up on the human race a long time ago.

I say if all of us….the good, kind and honorable people out there…do just one small act of kindness to someone (two legged or four) each day we might begin to reverse the horrors that this planet has come to see and has almost gotten use to. I beseech all of you….it doesn’t have to cost anything more than a little of your time….do one small random act of kindness and make a difference in some ones life….it might make all the difference in the world to them…in fact you may do the greatest thing of all and restore hope to a someone who has lost it.

“18 Days”

Its been 18 days
Since I’d look at myself
I don’t wanna have to change
If I don’t then no one will
Is it my state of mind
Or is it just everything else
I don’t wanna have to be here
I don’t understand it nowTime after time
I’ve been through this
You show me what it means to live
You give me hope when I was hopeless
As my days fade to night
I remember that state of mind
I’m soaring straight into your heart
And I’ll fly high

And I know what they say
About all good things
Will they come to an end?
But I’ll fight this time
So that we might
Have a chance at this
` Partial Lyrics by Saving Abel

Blessings to Everyone this morning

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Santa Barbara 2

Its been a whirl wind of events since I have been back from my trip. First my husband’s daughter Anna and her friend Lisa came down for the annual Moab Photo Symposium. Then its been a trip to Grand Junction Colorado to the eye doctor and my daughter Jessie came up for a day to catch up and to get her gifts. Also I got a few mini lessons about my camera and ordered new software (NIK software) that I cannot wait to get and start playing with. I started a new blog as I talked about briefly in my last post and as always we are in constant contact with the contractors in Catalina trying to finally get our house down because I am so ready to get there and begin our new lives.

While I was there in Santa Barbara I was not able to spend as much time with my uncle Eric as I had hoped but I had a great time. Of course this trip was about his retirement from the Santa Barbara of Natural History.

We got there just a bit early then all the people began to arrive and it was such a nice tribute to my uncle. He is the first person that has retired in 20 years (that tells you what a great place it is to work at). The court yard was decorated so nice and so many people had such great things to say. It almost made me cry to hear the stories from people whose life he had made such an impact on.

A friend from Hawaii had made and sent him a lei which has become somewhat of a tradition at his house starting with the lei’s he, Lena and Adel wore for his wedding. Then another one was sent for Adel’s graduation from High School and now this.

A book was made that everyone signed and a few pictures were set out of him. The one of him at 14 in a bull fight suit was one I had in my possession that Ron had framed and sent as a gift last year that now hangs in the hall way of his house.

I also took the time to go around and walk all the places I have run and played at since I can remember.

I am proud of him to say the least and worried he was sad that he was leaving. But he has a great attitude about it and no surprise he will forever keep himself busy doing this and that.

Someone asked his wife Lena what Eric was going to do now that he has all this time on his hands and she replied “Oh he will be at the museum.” What she means is he is finishing up some more papers and also wrapping up many graduate students and their dissertations.

I am awe of all he has done in his life and all that he has contributed to the world at large.

It was an honor to be there and I wish him the best on this next phase of his life which will be full I have no doubts.


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Santa Barbara Trip Part 1

I am finally back from my trip to Santa Barbara and not only was it fun to be with family and celebrate a wonderful milestone in my uncles life but it was absolutely beautiful and I was able to spend hours wandering around the streets, the beach and other great places taking pictures and doing a lot of thinking.
First my uncle Eric, his wife Lena and their daughter Adel looked terrific and made me feel so welcomed and like a  part of the family. I have so much to tell about each one I will break them up in various posts. Before I forget however taking pictures and learning more about my very limited photography skills inspired me to start a new blog called “Lisa Day Photography” which can be found at:


Now onto the trip. I left Moab approximately at 4:00 in the morning April 25th. I battled traffic from Barstow to Santa Barbara but arrived just in time for dinner. The first thing I wanted was a hot shower and a glass of wine. So I carried in all my stuff that left Eric and Lena wondering if I was moving in. I told them I didn’t think so but I would let them know. Meanwhile Fronia, their beautiful and ferocious guard dog, was keeping a close watch on me. She has a bark that rivals a tornado’s warning siren I once heard driving through Tennessee.

After my shower I discovered I was locked in the bathroom. I have an unnatural fear about this because once when the movie Grease first came out I went to see it while living in Greece. In the middle of the movie I had to pee but the bathrooms were downstairs. I got locked in and was shouting at the top of my lungs to be let out but how can anyone over power the singing voices of Olivia Newton John and John Travolta? Obviously I was eventually rescued but the scars are still with me today. So I am jiggling the stuck door and Fronia is barking her head off. The polite person Lena is she picked up Fronia and shushed her firmly in that lovely Russian purr of hers never hearing my shouts. I had no choice but to strong arm the thing and yes…I broke it but I was free at last. I figured this was a lovely way to start a reunion with family whom you love and adore.

The last night I was there I managed to break their toilet. Let me explain before everyone’s imaginations get carried away. They had had the toilet fixed a year ago but its in the powder room so its rarely used. During a lunch party with dear friends of my uncles I noticed water seeping out from the front under the toilet where it should be sealed. I gracefully informed Lena by whispering in her ear that we had a “toilet issue”. Ever the perfect hostess she excused herself with a smile and got some towels and after the guests were gone she explained to Eric and we called the plumber. Apparently the thing had never been sealed properly and had been leaking for a year and had eaten away much of the wood floor so in this case I was a hero of sorts. Of course the toilet ended up in the hall where Eric suggested I learn to overcome my “peeing in public” phobia. I declined.

Other than that I had a great time. I was able to have the time to get my head screwed back on right. I literally had not had a break from taking care of my parents every single day for a year. Even my wedding day required me helping my mother. Don’t get me wrong….its a labor of love but I really needed a break and it showed. I am doing so much better. Once I saw the ocean with its crashing swells and I could smell the salt air I realized that though my arrival in Catalina is ridiculously over due IT WILL HAPPEN and when it does my spirit will rejoice. I have waited 40 years for this day to come. A few more weeks (or months) won’t kill me.

Peace and Love to all

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F. G. Hochberg

In a few days I am going to visit one of my most favorite people in the world……my uncle Dr. Eric Hochberg. The reason I am going is one its been way too long after a hell of a year to see him and two he is retiring from The Santa Barbara Museum of Natural History. Its a bitter sweet day for me because I have been running around his office and lab since I was a wee one….I cannot remember a time I was not running around there. I know this too may be bittersweet for him but he has a beautiful home with a beautiful wife Lena and his beautiful stepdaughter Adel and together they have a beautiful life.

One good thing about moving to Catalina is I will be much closer to him so I hope my visits can be every few months or more.

He has many talents. He is a world renowned scientist specializing in invertebrate zoology (especially Cephalopods and other fine creatures) but he also is one of the founders of the Nature Printing Society of America. He is an unbelievable artist and photographer and his works have been published and even exhibited in the Smithsonian.


However I didn’t realize he was the man he was to the world. To me he is so much more than all this….he is my uncle, my friend, a father and one of the true loves of my life.
I am so blessed that I get to be a part of this grand but sad celebration.
I like to think of this all as a new beginning to our relationship for I have been very remiss in staying in contact. I get wrapped up in my own misery and hide from the world, especially him, because I never want to have him worry.

He is the reason I became a biologist myself, why I love nature and hikes and to want to learn so desperately how to become a real photographer but his greatest wish for me beside my happiness is for me to be a writer. I have no idea how to start but as soon as I figure the whole thing out and stop being so damn scared my first book will be dedicated to him.

He is and has been the greatest influence in my life. All the good in me I feel came from him and I just cannot wait to see him and hug him and just sit and be a part of his days for a week.

So on Wednesday I will be climbing in my truck at 3 in the morning and will drive the 12-13 hours to his house and will relish the love and respite I get. I will keep you posted from his computer and will take lots of pictures.

I look forward to learning even more about this incredible man.

Lots of Love