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The Life and Times of a Weimaraner


Spring has Sprung!!!

It has been a long cold winter and I fear I have remiss in reporting the very important activities of my sweet Rainy. Although I felt as if I was in hibernation I can tell Rainy did not. I enjoyed a wonderful hike with her the other day and thought I would get the spring started off with some very positive and happy pictures. Enjoy!!








I am so glad to be back and Happy Spring and Happy Earth Day!



Sunny Day


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A Brand New Day Part 2

Okay I have now refined my blog. I figured out the background, played around with some gadgets and basically got the whole thing started. I will try to religiously add a new post at least daily. I can because as of right now I have an abundance of time on my hands even though things are hectic.
After my father passed away October 19th I could finally come home to my Ron but my mother, who is wheelchair bound and very dependent on me, had to come too. I had given up my business when I moved in with my parents in May to take care of them (especially my father) in his final days. I knew things would never be he same for me and they haven’t been. If I had to do it all over again I would without a doubt but I won’t lie…..it was a bitch for the most part and some of the most rewarding days I shall ever spend on this earth.
So we set up our little house as best we could for my mother and have been making due ever since as we work on the next phase of our lives. You see, my mother shared my fathers dream and moved back to the place he grew up in Blanding Utah. Now that he is gone she wants to go home to where she grew up. Lucky for me that is Santa Catalina Island, California. I too consider that home even though I had to leave it when I was seven when I moved to Greece.
So after Ron and I got married November 17th we found a house on the island and bought it and now we are just waiting for the contractors to finish up so its “handicap friendly” when we arrive….we hope April 1st.
I think its scary but oh so exciting for all of us. Living on an island will be a new experience for sure. I hope living in the rural four corners area prepared me. I love living in Moab and will miss it but I have always wanted to go to Catalina.
My family has a very long history there so it truly will be for me and my mother going home.
I will close for now and look forward to sharing my life’s lessons beginning tomorrow. I do not share to gain your approval, sympathy or judgments. I am merely sharing my journey. Writing has always been a cathartic outlet for me and my dream is to write a book….so this is my beginning. This is my new day if you will. I invite you to share with me.

Thank you
Lisa Day