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Her “Stupid” Red Jacket


I just got a job!!! YAY!!! I finally am working like a real person and I started yesterday. When I got home my husband and my Rainy wanted to take me out to dinner to celebrate. Of course it is not a perfect world and they still do not allow dogs in restaurants so Rainy would have to stay in the van. We heated it up really well because the temperatures plummet below zero once the sun goes down. I still was worried about her getting chilled so I insisted she wear her pretty new red jacket I got her that says “I Dig Moab”  to just keep some of her body heat close to her.


Ron with Rainy in her pretty red jacket Photo by Lisa L. Day

Ron with Rainy in her pretty red jacket Photo by Lisa L. Day


She literally does dig Moab on her hikes Photo by Lisa L. Day

She literally does dig Moab on her hikes Photo by Lisa L. Day


I know everyone is asking “why don’t you leave her at home?” That’s a great question and normally I would but for the last two years she has gone everywhere with Ron and I because we have been home and with us moving a couple of times there has been so much upheaval in our lives she felt more secure being with us. Remember from other posts it talks about how she was more or less abandoned to fight for survival on her own….she was NOT a fan. She sees herself as a very important member of our little pack and the idea of not being glued to our side cannot even be fathomed.

So…I noticed I was wearing red and now she was wearing red so I got Ron to take a few pictures….two girls in their red. It worked out great…..we enjoyed Mexican and Rainy stayed warm content to watch the world go by knowing we would be coming out with a bite or two of our dinner.

Two girls in red Photo by Ron Day

Two girls in red Photo by Ron Day

But we need to work on her separation anxiety issues here soon. I am working now and Ron soon will be as well so Rainy will have to be left at home alone just a few days a week. I figure we will start off with a quick trip to the grocery store and slowly work our way up to other longer events until we know she will survive and I can always run home on my lunch break. Why not? She is my best friend after all so there is no one I would rather spend my lunch hour with.

She is thinking "this is a stupid red jacket" Photo by Ron Day

She is thinking “this is a stupid red jacket” Photo by Ron Day

She is simply stunning in her red but she freezes….afraid to move…..confused and bewildered. So she has a few issues? Who doesn’t? She and I continue to work on ourselves together but in the meantime I think she is absolutely adorable.

Adorable Rainy Photo by Lisa L. Day

Adorable Rainy Photo by Lisa L. Day



Author: sunnyday1266

My name is Rev. Lisa "sunny" Day. I became an Ordained Minister of Walking Prayer through the teachings of The Center for Sacred Studies and The Thirteen Indigenous Grandmothers. This blog is my simple writing of my spiritual journey and my practices. I hope I am never done learning all that the universe has to teach me. As I gather wisdom I merely share them with you. I hope you enjoy reading it as much as I enjoy writing it. Walk in Beauty Sunny

6 thoughts on “Her “Stupid” Red Jacket

  1. She is adorable indeed. I don’t like wearing jackets or other things either. Just my furs is good enough for me. And I also know what it is like to have separation anxiety. I still have it all these 12 plus years later. In fact a few years ago when my MOM tried to leave me home alone for a couple hours I broke right through the front door. I am not kidding. When she got home I was outside in a snow storm and there was a huge hole in the front door where I broke right through. The next day I met Miss Vickie and her Golden Bert. The run a doggie day care. The first week was rough, but now I love going there. So when MOM goes to work and I can’t go with her on that day I go to day care. But when she goes to the store or other places I go with her. I just can’t bear the thought of not being with her, but I handle it well at my buddy Bert’s place. After all who is going to take care of you peeps if we are not there. It’s our job.

  2. Dear Rainy – you look great in your red Jacket!!!! Seems that we are related, “Easy alone at home” is a no-go here too. We have to work on it too ;o)

  3. she is a beauty and that tongue shot is perfect.

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