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Day #4 Analyze a Successful Blog

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ProBlogger’s creator Darren Rowse suggested for Day #4 of the Professional Blogger in 31 Days Challenge that I observe and analyze other blogs in my niche. I actually have been doing that for a while but not necessarily on my niche. Actually I have two photography blogs so I have been checking out other photographers blogs which I rather have enjoyed and have gotten some great ideas. However, I have not seen any of these blogs that are actually using advertisers on their blog. These blogs are for the most part for the authors enjoyment as mine have always been.

What I have noticed is that the very act of blogging professionally has affected my writing and not in a good way. I have a total of 5 blogs and two are just for my photographs and two have advertisers on them. This is one of the blogs that I am using advertising on but this is my guinea pig and my learning platform and nothing more. I may eventually shut some down as I figure out what the heck I am doing. I have a blog that is my personal journal on wordpress that I love to write on and it has no advertisers so there is no pressure. I don’t really promote it other than just clicking on links and farting around with it. It and the photography blog that is paired with it are my two favorite blogs actually and I think a lot has to do with the platform from which I am creating. So that in itself is a learning experience that I would never have picked up with out the lessons I have learned from ProBlogger. 
I also learned today quite by accident that I may need to switch my niche blog to something I am very, very familiar with and that is dogs. I am an Animal Behaviorist and have been working with dogs in particular for many, many years. Since I was 19 actually which trust me is a long time. I started grooming and training them very young and I worked with many vets while doing my thing. I then went and got my degree in Animal Behavior and have owned and rescued many dogs as well. I am more comfortable with dogs and to be quite frank like them much more than I do most people in my life. 
I posted a picture my husband took on my photography blog and got a response from a reader that invited me to look at their blog. And I had my “AHA” moment. So there may be many changes with my blogging with the more I learn from all my work. And it is work that fills almost my whole day right now as I read and click and try new things.
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