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The Life and Times of a Weimaraner

I Think I Figured it Out….

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It’s been a frustrating few days but I think I finally figured it out. I am going through Linkshare for my affiliate programs and I think part of the problem was some of their pages where temporarily offline which didn’t help a newbie like me that is still somewhat clueless on this whole thing. Okay so once I do some reading I will be back to finish my next days ProBlogger lessons…..And for those of you that are actually following this blog….Thank you for your patience. If anything this will be an interesting curiosity on how I fumble my way through this.



Author: sunnyday1266

My name is Rev. Lisa "sunny" Day. I became an Ordained Minister of Walking Prayer through the teachings of The Center for Sacred Studies and The Thirteen Indigenous Grandmothers. This blog is my simple writing of my spiritual journey and my practices. I hope I am never done learning all that the universe has to teach me. As I gather wisdom I merely share them with you. I hope you enjoy reading it as much as I enjoy writing it. Walk in Beauty Sunny

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