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Learning to be a Professional Blogger: Writing an Elevator Pitch and Lists Blogs

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I now have 5 blogs which may seem quite insane because the more I get into it the more I realize how hard this is and how little I know. Truly I feel like someone has driven up their car and asked me to fix the head gasket….or something equally as foreign to me. I am reading the book Problogger written by Darren Rowse and Chris Garrett but I am also taking their 31 Days to a Better Blog Challenge. Day #1 asked me to write up an Elevator Pitch. I have literally spent all day (except when I was rushing my dog to the vet again) on my 5 Elevator Pitches.
For the Day #2 Challenge I am to write a list blog……????  Okay so I thought why not just combine the two and list my elevator pitches right here in my “Learning to Be a Professional Blogger” Blog.

So here goes:

Blog #1 http://lisalday.blogspot.com  A Brand New Day
             “This Blog is about my journey on becoming a professional blogger”

Blog #2  http://lisadayphotography.blogspot.com  Lisa Day Photography
              “My evolution as a nature photographer”

Blog #3  http://wildandwonderfulcatalinaisland.blogspot.com   Avalon on Catalina Island
              “Catalina Island is the playground for all, rich or poor, youth or aged. All classes mix with
               democratic spirit. – William Wrigley Jr. 1922″

Blog #4  http://lisalday111711.wordpress.com
              “My journey through my identity crisis, my midlife crisis and learning to love the spirit within”

Blog #5 http://rainyandrosie.wordpress.com
             “My love for nature as seen through the lens of my camera”

For the 2.3 people that may actually be following my blog I encourage you to check out my other ones. So far the only blog that I have been able to get advertising for is my Avalon on Catalina Island blog but I am going to keep trying. As always I encourage your comments and suggestions as I am going into this with great enthusiasm albeit blindly.

Have a great day


Author: sunnyday1266

My name is Rev. Lisa "sunny" Day. I became an Ordained Minister of Walking Prayer through the teachings of The Center for Sacred Studies and The Thirteen Indigenous Grandmothers. This blog is my simple writing of my spiritual journey and my practices. I hope I am never done learning all that the universe has to teach me. As I gather wisdom I merely share them with you. I hope you enjoy reading it as much as I enjoy writing it. Walk in Beauty Sunny

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