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AFISHinado’s Sunset Cruise

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I have told you all about the amazing Flying Fish Tours on The “Catallac” here on the Island but while my friend Trudy was here I thought it would be fun to take the family on AFISHinado’s Sunset Cruise and once again I was not disappointed.

As I explained in my previous post they are training a new Captain for the Catallac. The Sunset Cruise we signed up for was his maiden voyage solo. Lance had a rough start to say the least. The passengers waited with anticipation for the boat to arrive at the C dock promptly at 6:00pm. At 6:15 I began to doubt myself, questioning the night and instructions for meeting the boat. I began to ask around and others like me were waiting. John and Karen showed up and explained we had a bit of a problem. Apparently the anchor line got tied up in the motor and when Lance started the engines it tightened the rope to the point of no return. The Harbor Patrol was called and measures were being taken to loosen the line but things were quickly becoming hopeless. Finally John and Karen’s son had to dive in and cut the line which was no easy task. Finally at 6:45 the Catallac came around with a very wet and cold first mate and an extremely stressed out Captain. This was Karen’s birthday so the mood was light and John jokingly questioned if I was going to put this little faux pa in my blog….I answered honestly “Of Course!!” but no one minded the wait as the adventure was too alluring.

Once again they got all the muscle available to lift Mom on board with her wheelchair and within a very short amount of time we were on our way. As we pulled around I realized we were going by way of Lover’s Cove and I got excited for I have never seen the top portion of the island. We sailed past Pebbly Beach which was fun as that is the “industrial” part of the island. Before long the beauty began to unfurl as we sailed past isolated sail boats moored here and there and huge rocks that jutted out of the ocean that were covered with seagulls and the island “snow”.

As we rounded the top portion of the island I noticed a sea lion on a rock and then we saw what I thought was one of the most amazing sights….a beach full of sea lions….something you would only see in a National Geographic magazine. Lance, the Catallac’s new great Captain idled the boat along the beach so shutter bugs like me could take as many photos as we wanted at our leisure. I was so grateful I brought my “long” lens so I could get zoomed in shots of these beautiful animals just sharing a moment of peace together on the rocky shore.

We saw what they call Church Rock covered in Cormorants as the surf crashed up on the craggy rock and finally we rounded the corner to view the other side of the island and the long anticipated sunset. I was absolutely blown away by the beauty that lay before me. Off in the distance was “Pinnacle Rock” and a mist that crawled up the island amidst the crashing waves. The sunset was not particularly remarkable and yet it was.

The color wasn’t super intense or bright but the scene before me was nothing short of breathtaking. At that moment I vowed to Ron we must get a boat (even a dinghy would do) so that we may see this awesome sight now and then. Once again I found myself thanking the Universe for bringing me home to this beautiful jewel known as Santa Catalina Island. It was a photographers dream and you can view more in depth shots on my other blog :    http://lisadayphotography.blogspot.com

It was the perfect way to spend a night with family and friends. Trudy loved it and it brought my mother closer to her beloved island.

I want to say a special Thank You to John and Karen for providing this outlet to any and all who want to enjoy it. Not only do they provide awesome once in a lifetime experiences but they are just so freaking fun while they do it. I don’t believe I have met two more down to earth people and I am honored to call them friends.

Do not come to this island without taking advantage of the fun excursions John, Karen and Family are so willing to offer.



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