Rainy Day

The Life and Times of a Weimaraner

A test Drive

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After working on getting insurance on a vehicle that is virtually unknown and obtaining a special pass that allows us into the interior of the island we were ready to have a test run of the Ol’ Buffalo Chaser to see if indeed it would make it to Middle Ranch and back so I could get to my Rosie as often as possible. We piled Rainy in the car where she promptly began pacing and whining as she understood she was on another great adventure as she liked to do daily in Moab.

Ye Ol’ Buffalo Chaser
Rainy on her first Catalina Wilderness Hike

Middle Ranch is where I learned to ride as a child. Its in a valley deep in the interior of the island but getting there is a straight up journey on the very edge of a mountain. Its only 10 miles away but no matter what vehicle you are driving it usually takes an hour to get there because its such a rugged journey. On the way Ron got to see a buffalo….a very very common sight in the interior, especially as you get closer to Middle Ranch. In fact during mating season the bulls often duke it out right in the middle of the ranch often knocking down fences as they do. Another common sight is the abundant yet very small mule deer and the grey fox who are about the size of domestic cats. There are no predators for these creatures so spotting them is a sure thing. You can see some of my incredible shots in a couple of days in my photography blog. We finally made it with 62% of our power left….plenty to make it home….especially since its all downhill.

The Grey Fox

Eagles Nest Lodge….once an old stagecoach stop

A Catalina Buffalo Bull

I got to show off my baby to Ron and Rainy….first time they had seen her. I also inquired about a power source at the barn in case I run low in the future and that was no problem. As I messed around with Rosie, brushing her and giving her carrots, Ron and Rainy went on a little walk about at the lake behind the Ranch. When they returned Rainy was dripping in black pond mud and stunk to high hell. I rinsed her off and we got in the car as I readied myself for the ride home. But NO….Ron had other ideas. He felt since we still had 62% power why not explore a little so off we went. Now mind you I was a bit skeptical but he pushed on. Soon we saw my beloved Ben Weston Beach on the other side of the island. The only way to get to it is by horse back or hiking. I use to ride there as a child and let the horses swim and we would run on the beach. Its very secluded and rarely has people there aside from the occasional camper. On the other side of the mountain is the cove that ultimately took Natalie Woods life. A majestic vista with rocky crags and smashing surf. If you look out you see the occasional sailboat and of course wildlife such as sea lions, dolphins, whales and sharks. Where we stood was high above it all where there is an old WWII bunker that is a favorite make out spot etc…

Absolutely disgusting

My beautiful girl

What a sweetie
Rosie next to her BFF Rapiletto….quite the size difference….He’s the same size as my Elliot was. He panicks when he cannot see her….she’s the tough one.
After taking many pictures we got in the van and headed home. Interestingly enough we began to see the power just plummet on the van. My original fear was quickly being realized. We were not going to make it and there is absolutely no cell service in the interior. Somehow Ron rolled us to a perfect location that was high enough to get a weak signal and we called Mike King for help. He is the one selling us the car. He also sold us the house and we are neighbors. He lives in the old church that was built in 1888 and we live in the rectory so we share a gate to the property. He told us he would be right there. Being a long time resident he has a “real” vehicle so he made the trip in a short amount of time. Meanwhile I noticed we had run out of power right in front of a buffalo. He stayed where he was and Rainy had no interest in introducing herself. He then chose that moment to lay down and do some “man maintenance” as if he was showing off. Eventually Mike showed up and he gave Ron a tow to the top of the hill. He then made me ride with him and Ron and Rainy were on their own. Apparently when there is no power the brakes become less reliable but he assured me if nothing else Ron had the emergency brake. Thankfully my loved ones arrived alive and we all had a good laugh as I tried to reassure Mike this was not going to be a regular event for him as I gave Ron the raised eyebrow.
Ben Weston Beach

Cove where Natalie Woods died

The infamous Buffalo Poo that resulted in Rainy’s bath

The clear water allows you to see one of many kelp beds

We ended the day with Rainy getting the dreaded bath and she now shimmer shines. All in all it was a great day that told me I could drive the Buffalo Chaser back and forth to Middle Ranch when I go ride Rosie.


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My name is Rev. Lisa "sunny" Day. I became an Ordained Minister of Walking Prayer through the teachings of The Center for Sacred Studies and The Thirteen Indigenous Grandmothers. This blog is my simple writing of my spiritual journey and my practices. I hope I am never done learning all that the universe has to teach me. As I gather wisdom I merely share them with you. I hope you enjoy reading it as much as I enjoy writing it. Walk in Beauty Sunny

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