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Santa Barbara Trip Part 1

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I am finally back from my trip to Santa Barbara and not only was it fun to be with family and celebrate a wonderful milestone in my uncles life but it was absolutely beautiful and I was able to spend hours wandering around the streets, the beach and other great places taking pictures and doing a lot of thinking.
First my uncle Eric, his wife Lena and their daughter Adel looked terrific and made me feel so welcomed and like a  part of the family. I have so much to tell about each one I will break them up in various posts. Before I forget however taking pictures and learning more about my very limited photography skills inspired me to start a new blog called “Lisa Day Photography” which can be found at:


Now onto the trip. I left Moab approximately at 4:00 in the morning April 25th. I battled traffic from Barstow to Santa Barbara but arrived just in time for dinner. The first thing I wanted was a hot shower and a glass of wine. So I carried in all my stuff that left Eric and Lena wondering if I was moving in. I told them I didn’t think so but I would let them know. Meanwhile Fronia, their beautiful and ferocious guard dog, was keeping a close watch on me. She has a bark that rivals a tornado’s warning siren I once heard driving through Tennessee.

After my shower I discovered I was locked in the bathroom. I have an unnatural fear about this because once when the movie Grease first came out I went to see it while living in Greece. In the middle of the movie I had to pee but the bathrooms were downstairs. I got locked in and was shouting at the top of my lungs to be let out but how can anyone over power the singing voices of Olivia Newton John and John Travolta? Obviously I was eventually rescued but the scars are still with me today. So I am jiggling the stuck door and Fronia is barking her head off. The polite person Lena is she picked up Fronia and shushed her firmly in that lovely Russian purr of hers never hearing my shouts. I had no choice but to strong arm the thing and yes…I broke it but I was free at last. I figured this was a lovely way to start a reunion with family whom you love and adore.

The last night I was there I managed to break their toilet. Let me explain before everyone’s imaginations get carried away. They had had the toilet fixed a year ago but its in the powder room so its rarely used. During a lunch party with dear friends of my uncles I noticed water seeping out from the front under the toilet where it should be sealed. I gracefully informed Lena by whispering in her ear that we had a “toilet issue”. Ever the perfect hostess she excused herself with a smile and got some towels and after the guests were gone she explained to Eric and we called the plumber. Apparently the thing had never been sealed properly and had been leaking for a year and had eaten away much of the wood floor so in this case I was a hero of sorts. Of course the toilet ended up in the hall where Eric suggested I learn to overcome my “peeing in public” phobia. I declined.

Other than that I had a great time. I was able to have the time to get my head screwed back on right. I literally had not had a break from taking care of my parents every single day for a year. Even my wedding day required me helping my mother. Don’t get me wrong….its a labor of love but I really needed a break and it showed. I am doing so much better. Once I saw the ocean with its crashing swells and I could smell the salt air I realized that though my arrival in Catalina is ridiculously over due IT WILL HAPPEN and when it does my spirit will rejoice. I have waited 40 years for this day to come. A few more weeks (or months) won’t kill me.

Peace and Love to all


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My name is Rev. Lisa "sunny" Day. I became an Ordained Minister of Walking Prayer through the teachings of The Center for Sacred Studies and The Thirteen Indigenous Grandmothers. This blog is my simple writing of my spiritual journey and my practices. I hope I am never done learning all that the universe has to teach me. As I gather wisdom I merely share them with you. I hope you enjoy reading it as much as I enjoy writing it. Walk in Beauty Sunny

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