Rainy Day

The Life and Times of a Weimaraner

Rainy’s Great White Hope

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Rainy is a dog that will fixate on an idea or a project like no one I have ever seen. Her biggest project and biggest obsession is getting the squirrel that moves onto our property every spring that will continue until fall comes and the squirrel moves on.. She has figured out of course where this squirrel lives and will literally sit and watch the entrance of the den for hours….actually all day.

One day last year she happened upon the hole and the squirrel was relaxing just inside with her tail hanging out of the hole. I truly thought Rainy was going to have an anorism right then and there. This of course just fueled her manic fixation. This home the squirrel built (now mind you here in the desert we have ground squirrels much like all creatures that live here) is very long and intricate. It begins way over at the edge of our property and goes under the house and ends where Ron has set up our sprinkler system. Rainy has literally rearranged the one entrance by the road so much so that she can get all but her butt into that hole.
My mother decided Rainy was depressed because the hours she has invested in staking out the squirrel hole has resulted in a big fat nothing. She discussed her concerns with Ron who is a psychotherapist and they both decided that a toy should be bought and planted in the hole that Rainy so diligently waits at.
We hid Rainy in Ron’s truck (or what we like to call call Rainy’s retreat) while he hid the “squirrel” in the hole.

He let Rainy loose and when she saw the fuzzy tail  sticking out of the hole she could hardly contain herself. She swooped up the “squirrel” like a pro that she is and then paraded her “catch” around for hours not willing to let it go for an instant.

Now she has a wonderful sense of humor so whether she was humoring us on our fun little game or she actually believed she got the prize she has waited years to get I don’t know but she seemed quite proud of her find and seemed to gain an inner peace I haven’t seen in her in a few years. Now we hide fuzzy toys all over the property that she just loves to sniff out and get.

There is a new problem however….our patient squirrel (the real one) has decided she has had enough of the shenanigans and has moved her home to under the shed. Rainy knows this of course because she is on top of everything that goes on in her territory so a new obsession has been born and to be quite frank she is testing my patience. She obsesses all night and will get the crazy idea that if she tells us she has to potty at 3 in the morning she can run out to do a surprise visit (much like a parole officer) on her new victim. This does not fly with me and I am not about to indulge this craziness.
I will keep you posted on the the Big Squirrel quest as I am positive this investigation will continue until the first snow. I am praying we will be living in Catalina by then but who the hell knows. We were suppose to be there by now but we will be lucky if we get there by June……but I am not bitter….much.



Author: sunnyday1266

My name is Rev. Lisa "sunny" Day. I became an Ordained Minister of Walking Prayer through the teachings of The Center for Sacred Studies and The Thirteen Indigenous Grandmothers. This blog is my simple writing of my spiritual journey and my practices. I hope I am never done learning all that the universe has to teach me. As I gather wisdom I merely share them with you. I hope you enjoy reading it as much as I enjoy writing it. Walk in Beauty Sunny

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