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It’s Never Too Late for an Easter Egg HUnt

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When I was a child one of the best things that could possibly happen each year…..once a year…..was going to my grandfather’s house (I called him Boompa because I couldn’t seem to form the word Grandpa) for Easter. Not only would I get something cool in my Easter egg basket but even more than the chocolate and the stuffed animals was the Easter Eggs.

I loved to look at them. They would be every pastel color imaginable and I knew the best game in the world was about to begin. My Boompa would hide those eggs (very cleverly I might add) all day long. Once I found them all I would prompt him to hide them again and again and again. By the time my mother would tell me we had hid eggs enough it was dark out and the eggs were mush anyway.

This year is the first time I have had my mother living with me and I decided how fun it would be to dye my mother some eggs and then Ron had the BRILLIANT idea of hiding them for her. He is a fricking genius!!!!!

So we began to dye the eggs however we only buy free range cage free chicken eggs which always seem brown…..then we realized we did not have regular distilled vinegar so we had to use white wine vinegar and rice vinegar. We dyed these brown eggs in our gourmet vinegar and the result was…..how do I put it?……well unique.

Then Easter morning we went out and hid the eggs that a woman confined in a wheelchair could find. We had so much fun because of course Rainy helped my mother Annie sniff them out.

My lesson in all of this is IT IS NEVER TOO LATE FOR AN EASTER EGG HUNT….or one can never be too old. However I am much like Peter Pan….I don’t want to grow up.
I have always loved Easter Egg hunting so much I found a game on Facebook called Hatchlings where you go around and find eggs that hatch into all kinds of things and I love it. Its mental masturbation but darn fun.

Happy Belated Easter Everyone and God Bless



Author: sunnyday1266

My name is Rev. Lisa "sunny" Day. I became an Ordained Minister of Walking Prayer through the teachings of The Center for Sacred Studies and The Thirteen Indigenous Grandmothers. This blog is my simple writing of my spiritual journey and my practices. I hope I am never done learning all that the universe has to teach me. As I gather wisdom I merely share them with you. I hope you enjoy reading it as much as I enjoy writing it. Walk in Beauty Sunny

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