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Who’s Got The Check?

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After I had given up on the relationship between Ron and Jess she goes and does something so shocking…..she humbled herself and sought Ron to talk, apologize and generally have a chat. I couldn’t believe it….this is not the Jessie I know and (love?). The only reason I knew was Ron called me to tell me how mature and humble Jessie had been. I breathed a big sigh of relief.

You have to understand the day Jessie had….typical Jessie. She and Alaska had been on a roller coaster ride just trying to find a place to live….had their hopes dashed then raised then dashed once again. There was no place available that would accept a dog so they went on a waiting list but even still they were looking at paying rent of about 1500 a month. They then decided they would camp in the camping ground until a place became available….meanwhile they had been offered several jobs a piece. They go up to the camp ground to have even that tentative hope dashed. No dogs, 25 dollars a night and 5 dollars for a 5 minute shower. I cannot tell you how many phone calls I got yesterday with Jessie in tears.

Finally they got a big fat hope again. They saw a place for 1100 a month so they left the woman who was renting it a long message explaining her family history on Catalina and how desperate she was. The woman called back and curtly told her she knew Jessie’s great grandmother Dorothee (the lady in white) but that had absolutely no relevance when it came to her rental. She told her she would get back in touch and hung up.

Jessie being the funny girl that she is sent me a text more or less saying what a pain in the ass this woman was…unfortunately she didn’t send it to me, it was sent to this rental woman. Needless to say she called back and Jessie got  the message that she would not be selected to rent her house. It was the final blow and by this time she was a broken woman.
So she took her broken ass over to Ron’s hotel room and apologized profusely. After all that was over Alaska popped the question….YES!!!! He asked her to marry him. She was giddy and of course called me elated. They decided to celebrate by going out to dinner on their last night on the island. Meanwhile Ron called me exhausted and said all he wanted to do was soak in the tub then go to bed as he had been meeting with contractors literally all day.
At about 10:00 my time I get a whispery and yet panicky phone call from my beloved offspring explaining their credit card had just been declined however they had already eaten. This was just becoming quite the night to remember. Now in their defense Ron took my mothers credit card with him on the trip and once the bank saw all these charges coming in from California and everywhere in between each time he filled up with gas, they shut the card down. So this may very well have been the case with Jessie and Alaska however it was a bit late to call and find out. They had no cash and I couldn’t wire them any. This was a very desperate situation to say the least.

Its really quite funny (granted I had a few glasses of wine in me but damn funny). They had this wonderful meal and fell in love with their waitress Juanita. She congratulated them on their up coming nuptials and just told them how adorable they were. Poor Juanita had to come back and she sat down next to Jessie and presented the DECLINE slip. Jessie’s heart stopped as Alaska innocently reached for the slip to sign his name. Just as the pen was about to touch the paper Alaska too noticed that nasty little word. What would they do? Wash dishes? Cook up some tortillas? Things had become dire indeed.
As I listened to her plight my mind raced as I tried to think what I could do. I kept coming up with the same solution. Jessie had to call Ron. OH MY GOD!!!!! And that’s exactly what she ended up having to do. She tried to get me to call him but I bowed out as gracefully as I could. She then tried to get Alaska to call him but he said no as well much less gracefully so she had no choice. Surprisingly Ron was a total gentleman, explained it has happened to everyone including himself. However he did not have any cash and did not feel comfortable giving out the credit card and he was not going out so he suggested a check. Juanita (bless her heart) agreed to pay their bill and they made the check out to her. Sometimes our angels show up in the oddest of places…Juanita was Jessie’s angel.

This day I just described to you is just one day in a very long line of days that Jessie experiences consistently. Even though these Jessie kind of days use to drive me crazy and have probably aged me 20 years before my time I began to think my baby won’t be coming with us. And though the peace and quiet may be nice I shall miss her experiences. I hope she calls me constantly to keep me filled up with blog material.

The last I heard from them they were driving through Vegas. I figure they will finally be home between 2-3 in the morning. I will just so happy to see all of them.



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My name is Rev. Lisa "sunny" Day. I became an Ordained Minister of Walking Prayer through the teachings of The Center for Sacred Studies and The Thirteen Indigenous Grandmothers. This blog is my simple writing of my spiritual journey and my practices. I hope I am never done learning all that the universe has to teach me. As I gather wisdom I merely share them with you. I hope you enjoy reading it as much as I enjoy writing it. Walk in Beauty Sunny

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